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Meet Our Exact Macola ERP Customers

Learn about Exceptional Software Solutions LLC customers and the ways in which our team uses Exact Macola ERP solutions to improve their businesses.

The team at Exceptional Software Solutions LLC sells, services and trains our customers on each product line offered by Exact, including Exact Macola 10, Exact Macola ES, Exact Globe, Exact Macola Progression, Exact Synergy and Synergy ASP as well as companion solutions like WiSys, because Exact Macola and its companion solutions are among the absolute best for the SMB sector. We help our customers choose the right combination of solutions, add-ons and customizations to fit their unique processes, and we guide them every step of the way.

In this blog, we highlight some our Exact Macola ERP customers, the solutions they’ve chosen to run their businesses and their experiences working with the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team.

American Torch Tip — Exact Macola ES ERP and Synergy CRM

About American Torch Tip

American Torch Tip is a 75-year-old family-owned welding products manufacturer with headquarters in Bradenton, Florida. American Torch Tip distributes over 16,000 parts to 50 countries around the world.

Before Exact Macola ES ERP and Synergy CRM

American Torch Tip had been using a legacy accounting system for about 20 years. Over time, the solution had been highly customized. However, a few years ago, American Torch Tip decided that it was time to upgrade. They needed an updated solution that would provide better data for decision-making, and that could pinpoint areas for improvement within the business.

“You have ideas regarding what your business trends are and what you think might be happening in your business, but you need data to help validate or refute that. I knew what I wanted our system to do, and the data that I wanted to get out of it, but I didn’t know how to get there.”
 — Jack Walters III, President

Choosing Exact Macola ES ERP and Synergy CRM

In American Torch Tip’s case, Exact Macola ES was a good fit for a number of reasons. First, it helped fill in the gaps in functionality of a standard accounting solution like the one that American Torch Tip had been using. And not only is Exact Macola ES’s core manufacturing capability strong, it allows for the addition of peripheral and customized solutions on top of its core functionality that American Torch Tip needed.

American Torch Tip is now able to use the data produced by Exact Macola ES ERP and Synergy CRM to help the company make better decisions and thus support growth. Since implementation, American Torch Tip has improved a number of its business functions from shop floor control, to inventory, to purchasing and sales processes.

On working with Exceptional Software Solutions LLC

“Even with my years of expertise, there’s a lot to be done when it comes to an ERP implementation. I needed the guidance and assistance of Tod’s team at Exceptional Software Solutions LLC to put all of the pieces into place at American Torch Tip.”
— Dan Engel, CFO

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Denbow — Exact Globe ERP, Synergy CRM, Exact Event Manager

About Denbow

Denbow, founded in 1981, specializes in the processing, delivery and installation of forest residuals. Denbow serves over 8,000 customers throughout British Columbia including homeowners, landscape designers, farmers and government agencies.

Before Exact Globe ERP, Synergy CRM and Exact Event Manager

Before adopting Globe and Synergy, Denbow utilized a DOS-based trucking software system. And although trucking is a part of Denbow’s business, the company is not a traditional trucking company. With unique business processes, an out-of-the-box software solution was not the right fit for Denbow.

Choosing Exact Globe ERP, Synergy CRM and Exact Event Manager

Denbow needed a software solution that was customizable to the company’s specific needs and processes, and would help them improve these processes. Since implementation, Globe, Synergy, Event Manager have allowed Denbow to improve and automate several processes including quote follow-up, invoicing, sales orders, administrative processes and proactive customer service.

“We now work as a much more cohesive team as compared to before, which is important to our growth. We’ve been able to achieve our dreams, and now we’re moving on to newer and bigger dreams.”
 — Willetta Les, Marketing, Sales & Office Manager

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Grace Engineered Products

About Grace Engineered Products

Grace Engineered Products, founded in 1991, is a manufacturer of interfaces for the outside of electrical panels.

Before Exact Macola ERP

As the Grace Engineered Products business began to grow, they realized that the company needed the proper infrastructure in order to support productive growth.

Choosing Exact Macola ERP

Grace Engineered Products sought a software solution with features like a robust bill of materials and work order system that would allow them to efficiently manage their inventory and other business processes.

“I know I can grow to 10 to 20 times our size, and they’ll be able to grow with us.” — Philip Allen, President, Owner and CEO

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AMI Bearings Inc.

On working with the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team

“Tod’s approach is to gain an understanding of the business and then to offer up the best solutions possible to assist the customer. He is very transparent with his comments…and truthfully tells the client what they need to hear; not what they want to hear. If a particular solution will not work, he will come right out and say it won’t work and why. Tod is in the business of helping customers first and foremost…and selling software is secondary.
“I would not hesitate in any way in recommending Tod and Exceptional Software Solutions LLC to any potential client. The knowledge these folks bring to the table is extensive and they are highly responsive to the needs of the customer. They are professional in every sense of the word and the personal touch they add is second to none.”
 — Jennifer Belk, IT/Operations Manager

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Goeman Wood Products

On working with the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team

“Tod and his consultants are top notch. Prompt responses to every question sent their way. A pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable in their field. I would not hesitate to recommend Tod and Exceptional Software Solutions LLC.”
— Elke Hoffman

Clarke Products

On working with the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team

“Exceptional Software Solutions LLC is the definition of a solutions provider. Tod’s team is always ready, willing and able to answer my questions and provide the service I need each and every time. They understand all facets of an organization’s business process and how Exact Solutions, as well as companion solutions, will enhance those departments. I would highly recommend ESS LLC.”
 — Drew Thompson


On working with the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team

“Exceptional Software Solutions LLC is a company that I depend on to provide solutions for my Macola installation. All I need to do is provide ESS LLC with a description of my problem/requirement and ESS LLC does the rest.”
 — Mike Swope

Food Ingredients Inc.

On working with the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team

“Exceptional Software Solutions LLC is our provider for our Exact Solutions. We have found Tod and his team to always be ready when we need help or want to run ideas by them on how to improve our business processes with Exact Solutions. Tod and his team are some of the best we have worked with and we enjoy their knowledge from a complete distribution standpoint. I would highly recommend Exceptional Software Solutions LLC.”
 — Brad Dettman

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Exceptional Software Solutions LLC’s Exact Macola ERP customers are SMB manufacturers, distributors and entrepreneurs who create amazing things. They manufacture electronics. They distribute packaging. They design and produce bath products, healthcare products, sporting goods, food and beverage items and much more. Exceptional Software Solutions LLC happens to have the tools that help them grow. We’re the technical partner who helps our customers further their mission of providing better products more quickly and efficiently.

With over 300 combined years of experience in Exact Macola solutions and in the manufacturing industry, the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team is comprised of former Macola end users, former Macola and Exact employees, business owners, manufacturing executives, software engineers, project managers, accounting gurus and educators. It’s these experiences, combined with a flair for problem-solving, ability to think outside-the-box and long-term vision for partnership that’s been the key to our customers’ success.

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