Why technology partnerships are critical to the success of SMB manufacturers

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC’s team of seasoned professionals is committed to sharing knowledge through our work and our blog. Here’s why we believe knowledge sharing is so important to SMBs.

By Tod Replogle, President, Exceptional Software Solutions LLC

“Today, more SMBs go to channel partners based on the quality of services they provide [and] the long-term relationships they have, and they go to those partners who demonstrate an understanding of the SMB’s business.” —TechTarget

Last month, Exceptional Software Solutions LLC published a success story on our customer The American Torch Tip Company, a leading manufacturer of welding products that is celebrating its 75th year in 2015. In an interview with American Torch Tip’s President Jack Walters and CFO Dan Engel, we discussed the company’s beginnings, growth and recent switch from its 20-year legacy software system to Exact Macola ERP.

As a long-time Exact Macola user and former owner of his own Exact Macola consulting agency, Dan Engel led the charge for ERP advocacy at American Torch Tip, as he had done many times over for other SMB manufacturers. After a few initial doubts and considerations, American Torch Tip implemented Exact Macola ES ERP, and three years later, they’ve been reaping the benefits of process improvement, data and analytics provided by the software.

The Importance of Partnership

The American Torch Tip story got me thinking about the importance of partnership and knowledge sharing within our industry. While SMB manufacturing continues to make a comeback in the United States, the need for the knowledge of veterans like Dan Engel is undeniable. That’s why my wife Barb and I started Exceptional Software Solutions LLC six years ago.

Like Dan, our team at Exceptional Software Solutions LLC is made up of some of the world’s most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in manufacturing, distribution and ERP. Our team partners with SMB organizations for everything from ERP selection and ERP implementation to process creation, process management and scaling for growth and success.

For SMB manufacturers that produce the products that you and I make use of every day, like food and beverage items, electrical components, welding products and more, the focus is often on innovating products and making customers happy. Their teams are hard working, passionate, dedicated and often family-run. They roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

A Better Way to Get the Job Done

However, there’s often a better way to get the job done. A way that’s more efficient and more effective, which can be achieved through technology. But, an SMB manufacturer doesn’t always have the budget to hire an in-house expert like Dan, or they’re not sure where to start, or what solution to start with. Sometimes, when they do have a solution that’s a good fit for their needs, they don’t know how to take full advantage of all that it has to offer. Sometimes they’re so engrossed with the day-to-day tasks at hand that it’s hard to view the big picture clearly.

That’s where a partnership comes in, and why more SMBs are turning to technology partners — in manufacturing/distribution and in all industries — because working with a channel partner/consulting agency affords them the expertise of a team of industry veterans who have seen many complex situations and welcome the challenge of a new complex situation.

And even when an SMB is lucky to have a Dan Engel on board full time, like American Torch Tip, an implementation or a complex initiative can require more hands and minds to get the job done quickly and efficiently. These organizations benefit greatly from a partnership with an organization like ours that can guide them through the best use and implementation of the technology.

Education = Success

At Exceptional Software Solutions LLC, we strive to educate and instill knowledge into our customers’ organizations so that they can be self-sufficient and continue to grow their businesses. We understand that knowledge and partnership are key to long-term success, and we believe our customers’ success is also our success.

To continue our commitment to knowledge sharing, we recently started the ESS LLC Blog, where we publish the latest in Exact Macola ERP news, but also tips from our team of professionals for utilizing the software to its fullest, stories about our customers and how they’ve used our software and our services to grow their businesses, and a variety of other topics geared toward SMB success within the manufacturing and distribution industry.

I welcome you to view our blog and to connect with Exceptional Software Solutions LLC on social media so that we may all continue to benefit from shared knowledge and success in the SMB manufacturing/distribution world. We also welcome suggestions for blog topics and content, as our aim is to continue to provide relevant, interesting and educational information that enriches your organization and helps you to succeed long-term.

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