The 12 Updates of Exact Macola 10.3 ERP

The newest version of Exact Macola 10, the flagship award-winning ERP software solution from Exact Macola, is now available!

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC brings you the 12 Updates of Exact Macola 10.3. (From

1. Avalara Connectivity

Exact Macola 10.3 introduces a connector to Avalara which allows Exact Macola customers to seamlessly integrate with Avatax. This connector is included with Exact Macola 10.3 out of the box and does not require an additional purchase.

2. Spanish Language Support

With this release, Exact has included Spanish language support throughout the entire product as well as enhancements to the “Annex 24” tool which allows Exact Macola customers in Mexico to report transactions to the government.

3. Android and iPad Support for Mobile

The Exact Macola 10 mobile app is now available for Android and iPad. The mobile app allows users to do tasks such as enter orders, create quotes, find customers “near me,” check inventory, and view workspaces. (iOS app updates are available now and Android updates are expected in the first quarter of 2016.)

4. Windows 10 Support

Exact Macola 10.3 introduces support for Windows 10. There are limitations with the Windows 10 “Edge” browser, so Internet Explorer is still recommended.

5. Additional Web Services Features for Order Entry and Accounts Payable

Web services for Order Entry and Accounts Payable was introduced in Exact Macola 10.2, and improvements have been made to these web services to make them even more feature-rich — making their functionality more in line with the desktop client.

6. Multi-Site MRP Planning Workspace

As a direct response to requests from customers, Exact began developing features around multi-site MRP. The first step in this was to create a workspace which reports on multiple locations.

7. Grid-Based Data Entry

Grid-based data entry on purchase order screens allows users to enter data in a view that resembles the grid of a spreadsheet — instead of entering data one screen at a time. This has the ability to increase the efficiency of data entry significantly.

8. New Option to Print Crystal Report Pick Tickets from Order Entry Screen

After entering and saving a sales order, the Pick Ticket button becomes active. Upon clicking this button, a new option appears to print either a standard picking ticket or a Crystal report picking ticket.

9. New Option to Print Immediate Crystal Report Invoices

There is a new option to print a Crystal report invoice after entering an invoice or credit memo in O/E.

10. Citrix/Terminal Server — Redirected Drives are Visible when Attaching New Document

For this enhancement, the DriveListBox and DirListBox controls were removed because those supported only mapped and local drives. These controls were replaced with a FIP control, which allows browsing of UNC folders, redirected drives, and mapped and local drives.

11. Specific Due Date Added to Terms Codes

The Terms Code Maintenance screen has two new fields: Due Date and Discount Date. These are additional options for defining terms codes.

12. Time Out Increased for ASImport

The ASImport time out has been increased from 15 minutes to 24 hours. This is useful when moving data in very large databases from Exact Macola ES to Exact Synergy Enterprise or from Exact Synergy Enterprise to Exact Macola ES.

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