Got a game plan to streamline your sales tax lifecycle?

More hours on manual sales tax compliance doesn’t have to be a part of the solution— automate it instead.

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Uncle Sam has to get paid.

The supply chain is one of the trickiest areas to navigate tax compliance. How can you minimize compliance “growing pains” and ensure that ever-changing tax rules won’t hold your business back? Or what about finally putting an end to manually entering data or uploading rate tables and tax information? If you’ve successfully addressed these ‘big elephants’ in the room, how are you facing audit exposure head on?

Meet Avalara: Automated Sales Tax Technology

Automated Sales Tax Technology

Activities like expanding your product line, online sales — and it’s ultimate checkbook crushing Prime Day, contracting with a drop shipper, and more can all have a positive impact on your bottom line. But if you’re not careful, or by mistake fail to properly collect the appropriate amount of sales tax your firm could be in an accounting quagmire.

There’s expert help out there that can seamlessly integrate with your Macola 10 ERP solution. Since 2004 Avalara has been helping SMB manufacturers and distributors achieve tax compliance by providing a fast, easy, and accurate way to manage transactional taxes, from calculating rates to preparing and filing returns.

Avalara is a companion product that easily integrates with Exact Macola 10. The international team of Avalarians is also really good friends of ours.

AvaTax & Exact Macola 10

While you’re keeping your eyes focused on your core business operations, AvaTax with Exact Macola can help your team achieve compliance automatically, and without the need for expensive manual resources.

AvaTax is a cloud-based software platform. Accessibility via a secured internet connection allows seamless integration with Exact Macola. Working within your own financial, billing, e-commerce, or point of sale system AvaTax delivers tax calculations. Next, Exact Macola automatically passes sales order and invoice information through a connector to the AvaTax tax service. Finally, AvaTax calculates the taxes and passes the tax information back to Exact Macola, so the taxes are visible on the sales order, invoice, debit memo, and credit memo. All this happens in real-time based on up-to date sales and uses tax rules for the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada which Avalara keeps vigilantly abreast on.

Learn about how Avalara streamlines the sales tax lifecycle.

AvaTax delivers true “end-to-end” automated sales tax compliance. The solution will help your team:

• automatically determine taxability
• identify applicable tax rates
• accurately calculates taxes
• prepare and files returns
• remits taxes
• maintains tax records
• manages tax exemption certificates

Sales tax resources & tools

Managing transactional tax can be overwhelming, especially if you are obligated to register, collect and report sales and use tax in several states. It is survival mode just trying to keep up with different rates, rules, and regulations. These resources and our partners @Avalara can help.

· Sales Tax Guides; Keeping track of fluctuations in tax can be hard. These guides outline sales tax requirements for online retailers like Amazon and Xero as well as state specific requirements from sea to shining sea.

· Maintaining tax compliance while on a growth trajectory; Launching new products and services this quarter? Download this whitepaper to create tax compliance strategies for your new sales channels.

· Custom Duty & Import Tax Guides; Download this e-book to figure out the costs for cross-border shipments and how to automate the process.

Getting Started

Tax compliance isn’t getting easier. Imagine how fully automated exemption certificate management, returns filing and remittance would change your finance and accounting to-do list. Plus, automation is a company’s best defense against a sales tax audit. So stop spending precious time on manual sales tax compliance — Automate it with Exceptional Software Solutions, LLC, and our friends at Avalara. Getting started is simple, just email us.

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