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Try an ERP that’s fit for international business, has a strong accounting backbone, and addresses the challenges faced by distributors, quick-turn, discrete, and light manufacturing businesses — Exact Globe Next.

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What’s Exact Globe Next?

Initially designed as an accounting program, Exact Globe Next evolved to become a comprehensive ERP system. Today, Exact Globe Next is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for small and medium-sized organizations. While Macola 10 is used by a similar group of companies, there are a number of firms around the world that choose Exact Globe Next for specifically for its strong accounting backbone.

How is it different from other ERPs?

By including within the technology key components of what it takes to run a business, Exact Globe Next actively involves employees, customers, suppliers, inventory, and production team to interact together.

Its project module and financial capabilities are two of the most notable features that set it apart from other ERPs. Furthermore, the solution integrates data from a broad range of business processes onto one platform, covering financial administration, warehouse management, purchasing and supply chain management, production, and sales.

Who uses Exact Globe Next?

Learn how Denbow, an innovator in the processing and delivery of forest residuals, uses Exact Globe ERP and Synergy CRM to improve its processes

Exact Globe Next is critical to the success of thousands of companies.

Its project and financial capabilities make it an ideal solution for organizations that provide products, services or both — including make-to-order manufacturers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, banks, accounting firms and more. Learn how these companies are using Exact Globe Next to hit their business goals.

Six Business Problems Exact Globe Next Solves

1. International support; The enterprise accounting solution is offered in 40+ countries and languages making it ideal for organizations looking to launch, expand or sustain international operations.

2. Fiscal fitness; The financial infrastructure of Exact Globe Next is linked to all other business processes and is the backbone of the ERP system. This is one reason why the software is particularly well adopted and well regarded by accounting teams.

3. Multi-currency capability; Exact Globe Next leverages real-time financials with its multi-currency features. This is especially important for fluctuating markets.

4. Scalability; The software utilizes a “modular platform” that’s flexible enough to “feel” customized without the association bespoke costs. It can also easily scale as your company grows; making it a great fit for now and down the road.

5. Cost allocation and cross business visibility; Exact Globe Next allows visibility into the organization, across departmental and geographical boundaries, making it relatively simple to obtain an overview of all the costs and revenues for each project. A clear line of sight helps with predictability and effort estimation. It also means that your team can check invoices, sales invoices, and even review even employees’ working hours by job, project and more. (Talk about clarity!)

6. Document management; Exact Globe Next has an embedded document management system that makes use of real-time, workflow-driven business processes, such as cash management, order processing, and production planning. Save the trees and document sharing delays with this tool. Read this post to learn more about Globe’s virtual documentation chops.

Case in Practice: Made-to-order manufacturing

Download the Product Brochure

A make-to-order manufacturer benefits from Exact Globe Next by having the ability to create a project for every custom order that the company receives.

Within that project, Exact Globe Next displays transactions and properly records these transactions on the company’s balance sheet.

Transactions could include the purchase of specific supplies from a third-party supplier, the cost of these supplies, the hours required to create the custom product, multiple rates covering every worker involved at which these hours are billed, etc. And in Exact Globe Next, every sales order includes an interactive workflow so that 1) all necessary workflow steps are known and visible to any party that views the sales order and 2) are clickable so that each transaction within each step of the workflow is visible.

Want to know more about how other organizations are using Exact Globe Next? Read the post and get inspired.

Considering going “global”

As a business you want to get the most out of every investment; software is no different. Often, once the system is deployed, initial training concluded, and adoption begins the idea of utilizing every possible facet of the technology fades. With a little curiosity, and exploration you’ll find that Exact Globe Next can likely do a lot more for your company than its current use. And, if you’re not using Exact Globe Next or Macola 10, there’s lots of reasons to upgrade to a modern ERP right now.

Read, watch and listen to these resources. We think you’ll be able to not only address some real process efficiency challenges but also be re-inspired about the possibilities with Exact Globe Next.

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