The Beekeeper

“Bee is a God’s insect”

Igor Bardyn has always wanted to have the apiary. But he couldn’t keep bees, because of his work. This hobby required not only effort, but also time. Igor says that he needed a push.

“My grandfather had an apiary, my uncle also had one. I always visited them. — recalls the beekeeper. — I got up early, ate three tablespoons of honey, my throat began to tear. And drank warm cow’s milk”.

Seven years ago Igor Bardyn bought his first bees. He brought them to the village and resettled them in hives. Now he has about 20 bee families.

“One family — one person. They have their own character, their own laws”.

Bee families are divided by the queen. One queen — one family. She differs from other bees in size. Because she eats royal jelly, the queen is 2 cm longer than the other bees. A bee family can be strong or weak. It depends on their queen’s nature.

Beekeeper Igor sais that he had a weak family two years ago. Bees were lazy and did not produce enough honey. Then he decided to clean up the hive.

“I got rid of the old queen and a new one has settled in the hive. Now everything is in order. The bees have adopted the new queen. When I looked in the hive 10 days later, I saw the opposition sitting on the edge of the frame. — laughs beekeeper Igor. — They don’t want to accept the new queen because she makes them work, so they are looking into ways to replace her”.

Each bee has a family, Beehives are painted in bright colours. This is for the bees to recognize their houses.

“Bees can remember their way up to 5 km in length. They never get lost. They know the colour and the location “- says the beekeeper. He calls them “patriots”, because they respond to blue and yellow colours the most.

When a bee gets lost and it is already dark in the yard, the guard bee can still let it into the hive. On the condition that it brings pollen or nectar. Beekeeper Igor calls them corrupted. Because if the bee doesn’t carry anything, it will not be allowed in.

Each bee has a certain role depending on its age. A bee can feed the young, build honeycombs, guard the entrance, bring honey or pump water from the nectar.

“Old bees bring water. But water means ‘retirement’ ”- says the beekeeper.

Each year the beekeeper has a medical check. He should bring a new heart cardiogram and the previous one. The beekeeper talks about his last visit to the doctor:

- “Are you on any medication?
- No, I am not.
- That’s impossible. I can see improvements here. 
- I eat honey.
- That’s what it is. And this is potassium for the heart”.

The Bardyn’s family doesn’t only eat honey with a spoon, they add it to various dishes, such as marinated meat, they make sweets and infuse with honey various drinks.

The beekeeper uses honey primarily for his family’s needs. But if there is extra, they sell it. Beekeeper’s daughter Maria has an account on Instagram where she publishes photos of jars of honey and then she sells it. She said that people like to buy their honey.

“Young people are interested in something new. Honey with orange, honey with cinnamon. Some people like it with dried fruit. We have honey with Christmas spices. When you add a spoon of honey to the wine and you set a mulled wine”.

Honey can be used in cosmetology. Maria and her mother share the secrets. They make creams, masks and chapsticks out of beeswax. They also advise to wash hair with honey, because it restores dry hair well.

Beekeeper Igor is not interested in business affairs. He trusts his daughter and wife with it. Man does his favourite job so far — monitoring whether all the families have returned to their hives.