ETERBASE and Binance Chain

Jul 3 · 2 min read

Eterbase Coin (XBASE) is going to partially migrate to Binance Chain

Dear ETERBASE community,

We have very exciting news to share today!

ETERBASE is officially announcing plans to issue a BEP-2 XBASE token on Binance Chain and submit a proposal to list Eterbase Coin (XBASE) as a BEP-2 token on Binance DEX (Decentralized Exchange) within the next few days.

The decision to do a partial migration from Ethereum ERC223 is to give more people access to and benefits of Eterbase Coin (XBASE) via the Binance Chain ecosystem.

With the creation of XBASE BEP-2 token, XBASE will be tradable on both Binance Chain and Ethereum Network with withdrawals and deposits enabled for both BEP-2 and ERC223 versions of XBASE token.

Additionally, ETERBASE EXCHANGE will integrate Binance Chain BEP-2 tokens that will enable us to pair BEP-2 tokens with real European FIAT pairs EUR, CZK, PLN and other currencies, hence providing a new dimension of liquidity and interoperability between traditional finance and digital assets.

About Binance Chain

Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance and the community, is a community-driven project with developers and contributors from all over the world. Binance DEX is the decentralized exchange feature developed on top of the Binance Chain blockchain, setting a new cryptocurrency trading standard for fast and secure peer-to-peer trading.


ETERBASE is a Central European digital asset platform with a focus on crypto to SEPA integration via virtual IBAN accounts in various European currencies, and strong compliance with European regulations such as GDPR and AMLD5. ETERBASE aims to become a fully compliant platform that offers a broad range of B2C and B2B cryptocurrency-specialized solutions, such as a high-frequency trading platform, over-the-counter trading, and high-frequency server hosting with a direct-market access and incentive system for market makers and liquidity providers in Central Europe.

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ETERBASE is the first regulation-compliant European cryptocurrency exchange, offering fast, secure trading on a clean, powerful, user interface.