Eterbase January Updates

Jan 14 · 2 min read

Dear community, the holiday season has ended and we want to share the first January updates with you:

As cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more mainstream, the European Union has implemented the 5th AML Directive. The new European AML regulations will impact the cryptocurrency market heavily as Cryptocurrencies will face more stringent controls, with exchanges among other things being required to strictly implement effective AML solutions register with the relevant authorities in their jurisdictions, conduct customer due diligence, and prepare suspicious activity reports where these are deemed necessary.
As we’ve already announced multiple times we will be ready for AMLD5 and with the recently announced partnerships with Coinfirm and ShuftiPro we are proud to say that we did a great move in the right direction.

As AMLD5 doesn't allow one user to have more than one account and all users moved their funds to their KYC’d accounts, we would like to continue with Premium Membership Treasury airdrops. As the given circumstances disabled multiple airdrops but we still wanted to reward the support you’ve placed in us, an email blast has been sent out to all users. As a majority of data is still missing we’ve reached out to you again with a form. Please fill it with all required data in order to claim your additional MBN, RUNE, PYLNT, UNITY airdrops. KYC’d accounts will receive their regular airdrops on the 17th while additional amounts will be distributed according to the data you provide.

Fees on the exchange:
In November as part of a campaign that should bring users and liquidity inside Eterbase’s orderbooks, the withdrawal fees of all stablecoins has been set on 0, but after reviewing the results on one of the shareholder meetings we’ve decided that the funds that have been used to pay the transaction fees for the stablecoin transactions can be used much better and decided to stop the campaign and update the withdrawal fees. The new withdrawal fee for all stablecoins on Eterbase is now 2 [Stablecoin].
The main benefit of Premium Membership accounts is the Negative Market Making fees and in order to incentivize them even more, show their actual impact while still being competitive with other exchanges, a decision has been made to update the Taker Fee for all Membership levels from 0,09% to 0,15%, and we hope that will also incentivize users to help increasing liquidity inside the orderbooks of the exchange.

A definite Q1 roadmap is in works and will be shared with you in the following days.

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