Eterbase Joins the Binance Chain Alliance

Oct 8 · 3 min read

We are proud to announce that Eterbase has joined this family.

Binance Chain Alliance family is slowly making a mark in the blockchain community. It consists of high-profile developers, companies, and organizations who have come together to create a blockchain-powered ecosystem.

Our participation in this alliance is voluntary in nature, and all the committed participants support Binance Blockchain Projects and are listed on Binance DEX.

Our role in the Binance Chain Alliance does not necessarily make us officially associated with The purpose of the alliance rather is to facilitate the transition process to Binance Chain, by various projects and founders and offer support with technology, financing, Know Your Customer (KYC) and network introductions.

Eterbase’s Role in the Binance Chain Alliance

At Eterbase, we believe that our core mission will be achievable in an inclusive environment where different projects and developers are collaborating instead of competing with one another.

Binance chain open blockchain project initiative is to develop localized Stablecoins and digital assets, pegged to fiat currencies around the world. The alliance seeks partnerships with corporations, governments, FinTech companies and other developers that are building on the blockchain technology. This alliance aims to eventually create a large blockchain supported ecosystem to give both developing and developed countries ability to spur cryptocurrencies.

As Europe’s Premier Digital Asset Exchange, our two key products are fully compliant ETERBASE Exchange and experimental digital asset ETERBASE Coin. Evidently, our role as Eterbase in the alliance will be to supply and support the experimental technological know-how for building fiat currencies and localized Stablecoins.

Eterbase will offer the Binance Chain ecosystem four key technological design solutions to curb problems that have prevailed in other similar blockchain projects. These are designed to change and to cost, high throughput, low latency, ability to partition and scale and lastly, fault tolerance.

Eterbase is excited about this alliance. We believe this is the first step in accomplishing our goal to continually develop our platform and bring new features and experiences to our FinTech users. We are bound to be a critical part of developing the Binance Chain Alliance as a worldwide open-source software project.

Our Appreciation to Cubiex

The Eterbase team would like to acknowledge Cubiex through their CEO Pierre Cahine, who invited us to join the Binance Chain Alliance. As creators of Binance Chain Alliance, Cubiex recognized our approach to blockchain technology solutions as fit to be part of the alliance.

We hope to grow and become part of one of the most important blockchain ecosystems under the Cubiex leadership.

About Eterbase

ETERBASE is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a focus on multi-asset support and regulatory compliance. There is clearly an underserved market for a reliable cryptocurrency exchange with a robust operational and technological infrastructure on par with the large banks and Wall Street firms. ETERBASE is engaged in the process of a fully compliant platform that offers a broad range of B2C and B2B cryptocurrency-specialized solutions. These include a high-frequency trading platform capable of real-time spot trading and margin trading, over-the-counter trading, and high frequency server hosting with a direct-market access and incentive system for market makers.

Get started using Eterbase’s new asynchronous Javascript API at

To open an account and start trading head to

ETERBASE is the first regulation-compliant European cryptocurrency exchange, offering fast, secure trading on a clean, powerful, user interface.

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