Eterbase Listing Announcement: bZx Protocol(BZRX)

Sep 4 · 2 min read
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We are proud to announce a new addition to our exchange: BZRX
has been added to the list of tradeable assets on Eterbase exchange and paired against USDT:

About bZx Protocol:

The bZx system of lending and borrowing depends on iTokens and pTokens. When users lend or borrow money on bZx, their crypto assets go into or come out of global liquidity pools–pools of funds shared between many different exchanges. When lenders supply funds into the global liquidity pools, they automatically receive iTokens. These iTokens represent a share or claim of their supplied funds in the pool and automatically generate interest for their holders. At any point, iTokens can be redeemed for the original funds plus the interest accumulated.

More info about bZx Protocol can be found here.

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