Eterbase Signs the third Treasury Client — Pylon Network

Dec 4, 2019 · 3 min read

It is our pleasure to announce that Pylon Network ( is joining our Treasury Gateway program. Pylon is the 3rd project to join the Eterbase Treasury program since it’s launch in early Q4 2019 and will stand beside Ferrum and Membrana.

As detailed in our official pitch, the Eterbase Treasury Gateway offers much-needed services for B2B clients that are seeking to bridge the gap between fiat currency and Cryptocurrency. This service is much sought after in the industry as it allows enterprises to pay projects for their services with a fiat payment direct to a corporate IBAN account, as opposed to purchasing tokens from the open market.

About Pylon Network

Pylon Network is a decentralized neutral energy data-hub, supported by their open-source blockchain technology. They have developed their blockchain code to be fast, scalable and with minimal energy requirements — designed to play the role of the digital communication platform for accelerating the digitalization and decarbonization of the energy market.

Pylon empowers the end-user (consumers/prosumers) by helping them save money & energy. Pylon also empowers retailers and ESCOs who can offer more targeted, informed and personalized services based on the high-quality, granular consumer data of Pylon Network’s Neutral Data Hub.

Currently, Pylon is commercially active in Spain.

About The Eterbase Treasury Gateway

At Eterbase we are eager to partner with top-tier crypto and blockchain projects with Enterprise Clients that have existing revenue streams. Pylon Network fits this mold and in signing up as a treasury gateway partner, they have already purchased and locked 1 million XBASE-B tokens direct from the Eterbase exchange per our Treasury membership terms. They have also provided $7500 of the PYLNT token and 90% of these tokens will be distributed in 8 equal weekly payments to premium members.

This also means that 1,000,000 XBASE-B tokens have been purchased, locked on the platform, and removed from the circulating supply.

“Our partnership with Pylon Network is an exciting new addition to Eterbase. Their innovative approach to creating an energy market where everybody has access to energy data and assets will lead the way towards creating a place where electricity is fairly priced and investing in renewable energy projects is as easy as shopping online. Stay tuned for more developments with the Treasury Gateway service as we continue to onboard new clients in the near future ”

-Robert Auxt, Eterbase CEO

Benefits of Treasury Gateway to Pylon Network

“We found Eterbase to be an ideal option for crypto-projects like us, that deal with — traditional — businesses and industries such as the energy sector. They achieve that by offering a fully EU-compliant financial structure, which is a huge plus for us and our commercial activities.

Another great plus is the very user-friendly approach, both in terms of UX and also in terms of trading facilitation (attractive fees).

In summary, we see Eterbase as an important partner for bridging our commercial operation with the crypto world and offering mutual support and benefits.”

-Gerard Bel, Pylon Network CEO

Pylon Network AMA

In order to get familiar with the Pylon Network project prior to the listing, we will organize an AMA where you’ll be able to ask the Pylon team members all of your questions. The AMA will be held on on Friday, the 6th of December at 13:00 CET and trading will start shortly afterward.

Listing Details & Dates

  • Deposits open: 05/12/2019 5PM CET
  • AMA Starts: 06/12/2019 1 PM CET
  • Trading starts: 06/12/2019 4 PM CET

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