Eterbase Signs Unity as the fourth Treasury Client

Dec 18, 2019 · 5 min read

It is our pleasure to announce that Unity ( is joining our Treasury Gateway program. Unity is the 4th project to join the Eterbase Treasury program since it’s launch in early Q4 2019 and after listing Ferrum, Membrana and Pylon Network.

As detailed in our official pitch, the Eterbase Treasury Gateway offers much-needed services for B2B clients that are seeking to bridge the gap between fiat currency and Cryptocurrency. This service is much sought after in the industry as it allows enterprises to pay projects for their services with a fiat payment direct to a corporate IBAN account, as opposed to purchasing tokens from the open market.

About Unity:

Unity was founded as a non-profit venture so all revenue, after costs, will be donated to vetted charities with each token allowing holders to vote on which projects benefit. Unity Coin is a registered tax-exempt company of Singapore as well as filed and compliant with the SEC.
Unity’s goal is to get everyone off the side-lines and involved.
The focus is on finding and supporting solutions that tackle the root problems of poverty and the oppressed, rather than just band-aids. Only through real and genuine impact tailored to what those in need actually need, not what we assume they do, can we begin to heal the world and make an actual difference, together.


Unity Coin (UNITY) is a stable-coin pegged to and backed by automatically diversified assets across the market. It is available for purchase in the Unity Wallet and is a central utility of the Unity Platform. Utilizing blockchain offers decentralization and security as well as extremely low cost, instant, global transactions for payments or donations using the Unity Coin.
While national currencies are inflationary and cryptocurrencies can be volatile, growth and stability come from automated diversification.
Below, you can see Unity’s real-world historical valuation from Alpha and Beta over the past 18 months:

The platform includes a Wallet and Gateway as well as future plans for Credit Services, Visa Payment Card, and more.

Unity Wallet:

The Unity Wallet is currently available on the web and native apps are being developed for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux by Q1 2020. This means everyone can easily create and use the Unity Wallet free and in just seconds. With planned support for all major national and cryptocurrencies, you’ll be able to transfer, donate, or pay to any-one else with a Unity Wallet securely, instantly, and at no cost anywhere in the world.

Unity Gateway:

The Unity Gateway facilitates the transfer of supported Stable-coins between two different blockchains (such as Waves to Ethereum), as well as between blockchain and a partner service off the blockchain. This allows the Unity Coin to be used on any blockchain or integrated with a banking partner, credit card, etc.

Unity VIP:

The Unity VIP is an automated membership program that unlocks many benefits such as a private discussion group, educational resources, discounts on partner services, and more as they become available. The membership is available to anyone who holds a minimum balance of $1,000 worth of Unity Coin and is linked via Unity Wallet.

Unity’s Mission:

The mission is to provide the tools needed for individual financial freedom and empowerment. This is why the Unity Platform was built with this in mind, extreme security and an easy path to diversified stability and growth. All integrated to provide ease of use.
The Unity Platform provides everything needed to achieve this and then be able to give back. Through the Unity Charity just using the platform alone helps those in need but also tools are provided for free and easy giving so we can save the world, together.

Benefits of Treasury Gateway for Unity:

“Our company are veterans in the cryptocurrency market with years of experience in trading, bots, and using exchanges. We chose to list on Eterbase because their features and benefits are hard to match. With negative trading fees, an awesome API, and free deposits and withdrawals we feel Eterbase would be a match for us and our users. We’re excited to work with Eterbase which could be one of the best exchanges in crypto soon.”

Ali Camarata — CEO Unity Coin

About The Eterbase Treasury Gateway

At Eterbase we are eager to partner with top-tier crypto and blockchain projects with Enterprise Clients that have existing revenue streams. Unity fits this mold and in signing up as a treasury gateway partner, they have already purchased and locked 1 million XBASE-B tokens direct from the Eterbase exchange per our Treasury membership terms. They have also provided $7500 of the Unity token and 90% of these tokens will be distributed to premium membership holders on

This also means that 1,000,000 XBASE-B tokens have been purchased, locked on the platform, and removed from the circulating supply.

Unity AMA:

In order to get familiar with the Unity project prior to the listing, we will organize an AMA where you’ll be able to ask the Unity team members all of your questions. The AMA will be held on on Thursday, the 19th of December at 10:00AM CET and trading will start exactly 24hrs after.

  • Deposits open: 18/12/2019 5 PM CET
  • AMA Starts: 19/12/2019 10 AM CET
  • Trading starts: 20/12/2019 10 AM CET

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