Eterbase Treasury Gateway Signs First Fintech Company, Ferrum Network

Nov 14 · 3 min read

We are delighted to announce that we have just signed Ferrum Network as our first client for the Treasury Gateway, this FinTech Company joins the program barely a month after unveiling our treasury gateway.

As detailed in our official pitch, the Eterbase Treasury Gateway offers much-needed services for B2B clients that are seeking to bridge the gap between fiat currency and Cryptocurrency. This service is much sought after in the industry as it allows enterprises to pay projects for their services with a fiat payment direct to a corporate IBAN account, as opposed to purchasing tokens from the open market.

Eterbase Treasury Gateway

At Eterbase we are eager to partner with top-tier crypto and blockchain projects with Enterprise Clients that have existing revenue streams. Ferrum Network fits this mold and in signing up as a treasury gateway partner, they have already purchased and locked 1 million XBASE-B tokens direct from the Eterbase exchange per our Treasury membership terms. They have also provided $7500 of the FRM token and 90% of these tokens will be distributed in 4 equal weekly payments to premium members.

This also means that 1,000,000 XBASE-B tokens have been purchased, locked on the platform, and removed from the circulating supply.

Our CEO Robert Auxt stated:

“We are excited to partner with Ferrum Network because they are a FinTech Company looking to create financial product solutions in the emerging market. This partnership is only the beginning of a future with a fully developed integrated payments solution option to reconcile fiat and digital currency. Stay tuned for more developments with the Treasury Gateway service as we continue to onboard new clients in the near future ”

Benefits of Treasury Gateway to Ferrum Network

We designed our Treasury Gateway to solve limitations that blockchain-based tech companies face and, therefore, the development of blockchain-based payment solutions.

As a next-gen blockchain-based FinTech company, Ferrum Network recognized the power and the opportunities presented by our treasury gateway. Ferrum Network will reap benefits from this partnership, including:

  • Free listing on our Eterbase exchange and corporate payment account at
  • Premium membership status and benefits including negative trading fees
  • Free volume provision on Eterbase of up to $20K daily volume on its project’s tokens

Ian Friend, COO and co-founder of Ferrum Network said:

“Ferrum could not be more excited to list on Eterbase — a feature-rich exchange that offers numerous benefits to the project and community alike. From the back account to integration, to the negative trading fees, Eterbase is showing the world what an exchange experience can be. We could not be more thrilled to be listed on what we believe will be the fastest-growing exchange of 2020 and beyond.”

Eterbase Treasury Gateway Is Part Of Ferrum Network’s Long-Term Success Plan

The Eterbase Treasury Gateway will fulfill a critical role in the Ferrum fiat gateway expansion and payments app agenda into more markets. Nailem Yegneh, CEO and co-founder of Ferrum Network, stated:

“With the Kudi Exchange expansion into Ghana coming in the next few months and plans to onboard clients to our existing and future products, there are a variety of clients and customers for which a fully transparent treasury gateway is key to our long term success.”

Our treasury gateway expansion will be achieved by increasing the number of users and transaction traffic on Eterbase Exchange, which we will achieve by signing up for more premium members.

Be sure to attend the upcoming AMA which we will be hosting in the Eterbase telegram channel( )on 15th November at 9am EST (3pm CET) to learn more about Ferrum Network and the great things they are doing.

The listing will be live shortly after the AMA on the 15th November with the following pairs: FRM/EBASE and FRM/ETH


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