Upcoming Muir Glacier: ETHEREUM Network update

Dec 31, 2019 · 1 min read

ETERBASE will support the upcoming Muir Glacier — ETHEREUM Network update. Deposits and withdrawals of ETH will be suspended prior to the ETH network block height of 9,200,000. The update estimated to occur on 2020/01/02 (UTC). Trading of ETH will not be affected during the upgrade. We will reopen deposits and withdrawals for ETH once we deem the network to be stable.

Updated (2020–01–02 at 12:25 PM CET):
ETH deposits/withdrawals are now open.

Updated (2020–01–01 at 10:45 PM CET):
All Ethereum based deposits/withdrawals have been suspended due to tomorrow’s Muir Glacier upgrade. Transactions will continue shortly after the upgrade is done.


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