World’s First OEO a Great Success!

Jul 4 · 1 min read

Dear Community,

Only a few days after introducing the concept of OEO (Order Book Exchange Offering), we’re pleased to announce that OEOs were already successfully embraced by our community with the very first LOTEU OEO reaching 85% of its hard cap. To better illustrate the demand for this OEO, 40% of all LOTEU tokens got sold in 30 minutes after going on sale.

Stats behind the LOTEU OEO

Total amount of LOTEU tokens offered: 40 million

Amount of LOTEU tokens sold: 34 million

XBASE token hodlers airdrop: 1 million

Amount of unsold LOTEU tokens: 5 million

We’re also very glad to receive an incredibly positive feedback from LOTEO founder and CEO, Rastislav Bakala, who said: “Everything went as planned. We used the opportunity of the very first OEO to establish a fruitful partnership with the ETERBASE team and list LOTEU tokens on their exchange.”

Based on the success of LOTEU OEO, we started receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries from other teams interested in launching OEO on ETERBASE. Thus, our trading community can look forward to new offerings launching very soon.

Projects interested in listings & OEOs should contact our team at

More information about LOTEO at

More information about ETERBASE at


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