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The contract of Eterbase Utility Token has been published at the end of July and the Token Swap is LIVE!
As we want to make the whole process as simple as possible for our longterm investors, the KYC verification process won't be mandatory on until 31st of August 2020.
Everyone has a chance to swap old XBASE tokens and receive the new XBASE v2.0 tokens until the end of August, the only thing you have to do in order to swap your tokens is:


The SWAP process is simple:

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1. Once you login into your account at, go to the Wallet/Deposit Funds tab and select XBASE-OLD (as shown on the picture above)

2. Select the correct Network of your tokens:

A) Eterbase Coin-XBASE on Ethereum network with its contract address here


B) Eterbase Coin-XBASE-CD2 on Binance chain, formerly known at as XBASE-B, with its contract address here

3. Deposit your OLD tokens to the address provided by the exchange

When your deposit arrives at your eterbase wallet, the tokens will be automatically swapped into the new XBASE v2.0 tokens in a ratio 1:1000.

You can trade new tokens at vs. Tether USD, and vs. EUR here:

Technical details of new Eterbase Utility Token:

IMPORTANT: XBASE SWAP claims made after 31st August 2020 will not be approved!

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