Ethereum Summer Camp 2020 Week 2: Pop Culture and Blockchain

📺 We will be live streaming all the events HERE.

Pop Culture and Blockchain: Join Us for 3 Days of Panels, Music, Workshop, and Hands-On Experiences

Day 1: Panel: How Art Bridges Culture and Blockchain Technology

Date: Thursday, July 16th | 8 AM — 9 AM EST / 8 PM — 9 PM SGT

About Artists and Moderators:

Mattia Cuttini, Artist

(Something Lost, 2018, by Mattia)

Zhipeng Wang, Media Artist

Wang Zhipeng is a new media worker exploring audio-visual live performance, digital image, multimedia theater, and experimental sound, and more. Now living in Hangzhou, China.

(eternal2, by Zhipeng Wang)

Sparrow, Software engineer, Artist

Sparrow is a software engineer, traditional artist (encaustic wax medium), digital artist, and so many other things. Finding synergy between her love of technology and her passion for art, Sparrow explores the latent space of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) deep learning models and other digital manipulation techniques to create artworks that are a collaboration between human and machine, familiar and strange at the same time. She was also one of the first 13 artists working with “programmable art” at Async Art, creating artworks that are a collaboration between artist and collector, platform and technology.

(Sparrow’s artworks on SuperRare)

Tongzhou Yu, Artist, Teacher

As a trans-reality storyteller and digital director born in Shanghai and based on both Shanghai and Hangzhou, Tongzhou is now teaching at China Academy of Art. Meanwhile, he is focussing on the use of augmented reality, projection mapping, and video art installation to construct a transmedia immersive narrative environment, exploring the possibility of the seamless connection of future media, and explore the human rights issues of post-humans.



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