Ethereum Summer Camp 2020 Week 3: Women in Ethereum

3 min readJul 22, 2020


Women in Ethereum lightning talks and Q&A

Welcome to Ethereum Summer Camp 2020 (ESC 2020), week 3!

This week, we would like to set up a stage dedicated to elevating and empowering all the builders — who happened to be women — we’re here to support diversity in the industry.

How the blockchain industry is rethinking diversity, inclusion, and belonging in 2020? What are those women builders working on and what have they contributed to the ecosystem? What is the practical advice would they give to someone thinking about joining the industry?

Join us for insightful talks with women builders from the Ethereum community, followed by Q&A with the speakers.

Very special thanks to our co-organizer Ethereum Cat Herders.

Women in Ethereum Lightning Talks and Q&A

Date: Friday, July 24 | 12:00 PM to 1:40 PM EST

Watch Live: We will also be live streaming from YouTube:

About Our Speakers

Isa Kivlighan is Head of Marketing at Aave. Isa was introduced to the blockchain through her Public Policy background, which leads her to discover Decentralized Finance and how blockchain can be used to build an open and equitable financial ecosystem.

Pooja Ranjan: Working towards creating awareness and promotion of Ethereum for several years with EtherWorld, she is the proud Herder-in-chief of Ethereum Cat Herders, helping the Ethereum community with decentralized project management.

Jaye Harrill: Passionate communications manager for blockchain security company Quantstamp. Jaye has a long leadership history in blockchain and Ethereum community spaces. She has dedicated her life to bringing broad visibility to the transformative changes this technology is expected to bring.

Anett Roliková, leading Ethereum Magicians Sessions and Councils at Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians. Doing Magic (Operations) behind all Magic that Ethereum Magicians requires :)

Alexis Gauba: Co-founder of Opyn, which is bringing hedging and risk management to DeFi using options, and is co-founder of she256, a 501c3 nonprofit focused on increasing diversity and breaking down barriers to entry in the crypto space.

Medha Kothari: Software Engineer at cLabs working on the Celo protocol, and Co-founder of she256, a nonprofit aiming to increase diversity and break down barriers to entry in the blockchain space.

Moderator — Annie Huang, a developer advocate for open source community. Currently, work as a community advocate at GitLab. She has dedicated to helping more people to the cutting-edge technology transformation for their daily lives.

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