ETHW Mainnet Launched

3 min readSep 15, 2022

Mainnet Info

Network Name: ETHW-mainnet


Chain ID: 10001

Currency Symbol: ETHW

Block Explorer URL(Optional):

Block Explorer URL(Optional):

ETHW Core Published the 3rd (Mainnet) Code Update

Release Notes:

1. ChainID change feature. This update lets ETHW support ChainID dynamic change between 1 and 10001, 1 for the blocks before the merge, and 10001 for the blocks after the merge.

2. Network ID change feature. This feature lets ETHW use a different network ID to separate the broadcast messages from the ETHPoS network.

3. Updating starting difficulty parameter and boot-node server list, which is used to bootstrap ETHW.

4. Merge newly released ETH changes after the ETHW previous release.

5. Add support to block ETHPoS broadcast messages into the ETHW network.

6. Bug fixes in the ETHPoS unit test code.

ETHW Core:发布 ETHW 第三版(主链)代码更新


1.链 ID 改变及其相关代码,这个功能让 ETHW 能动态适配链 ID 在 1 和 10001 间切换。 ID 改变及其相关代码,这个功能让 ETHW 能动态将 ETHPoS 的网络的广播消息和 ETHW 的相互分开。

3.链的启动难度和根节点列表, 这个是链预设的启动参数。

4.合并在第二版之后 ETHPoS 上发布的新代码。

5.加入相关功能来防止 ETHPoS 上的不相关的广播消息进入 ETHW 网络。

6.修复 ETHPoS 单元测试中相关的错误。