9 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency — Even if you are a Noob!

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On a positive note, lockdown proved that digital professionals could work remotely as long as they had access to broadband and a device of some kind. As apps became more powerful for mobiles, digital professionals could achieve much on their phones, in contrast with a decade ago would have required a professional workstation.

Anytask.com is one of the new breeds of platforms that offers freelance digital creators the ability to offer their services to a global marketplace. The site fosters easily reviewable standards through a thorough rating service where buyers provide reviews on jobs completed. The digital professionals are paid in ETN, the token from Electroneum Ltd. The additional value offered by the site is that the professionals do not need to have a bank account to either earn ETN or to spend it on a range of services ranging from utilities to mobile top-ups to Amazon vouchers.


Another way to earn cryptocurrency might be to produce your own NFT or non-fungible token and sell them on one of the many NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or the WAX platform. The NFT has taken the world by storm and really engaged people in ways that might actually herald mass adoption. Why not create your own NFTs using some of the very talented designers on Anytask.com and sell on one of the many open marketplaces available today.

If you want to go a step further and start your own NFT project, here’s a list of steps you’ll need to get started.


Projects looking to grow their communities will often provide airdrops to users who download their wallet. There are Reddit sites and telegram channels dedicated to following the many airdrops happening across this space.

Also, people should be aware that scammers use the airdrop idea to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting victims. In its most common form, the scammer often creates a fake Twitter profile of a high-profile leader in this space and posts tweets offering airdrops of free cryptocurrency. The drawback? In order to avail of these free tokens, people are asked to first send a small amount of ETH for example with the promise that a larger sum will be returned. This never happens of course and accordingly many of the genuine bigger leaders include tag lines such as ‘will never send free eth’ into their profile. If it looks too good to be true, then probably is. Make sure to do your due diligence to identify a legitimate airdrop.

Here are a few simple pointers to assist you on how to avoid being a victim


If you know your way around cryptocurrency you might consider buying tokens and then staking them to provide liquidity to different projects. So, for example, an NFT marketplace can offer 100APY interest to users who bought and staked their tokens. This would be considered high risk but many projects reward token holders who stake their token with high returns. Given that most banks in the fiat world are charging deposit holders negative interest, this is another way to increase income based on current holdings.

Before entering any crypto investment, an extensive amount of research needs to take place. There are many resources available to help you understand how to get started and various avenues available within the decentralised finance field. Here is a beginner’s guide to making passive income with Defi.

Exercise apps (M2E)

Most people own some sort of fitness app which measures steps, exercise and can also count calories. Some of these exercise apps provide rewards in return which can be spent in the app’s marketplace.

For many fitness lovers, the challenge is simply knowing that these apps exist, as well as understanding where to look for them and how to utilise them. Here is a list of Fitness Apps that pay crypto for exercising.

Community Managers

There are many new jobs in Web3 that did not exist before blockchain. One such job is a community manager where keen always-online people can volunteer to moderate social media communities, especially on the newer platforms such as Telegram or Discord. ​ Projects will often reward such helpers with coins. In addition, many projects run marketing campaigns which are rewarded in tokens.

A lot of people will gradually be moving over to web3 in the coming years, here is a list of what crypto & NFT community managers do in this space.

Play to Earn (P2E)

Blockchain Games allow gamers with high ticket value items to rent these valuable assets to freemium gamers — giving the freemium player a chance to win and progress up the leader board. This in turn allows gamers to earn crypto as they win at top levels. However, only top players can realistically avail of this opportunity.

During the lockdown, people in countries with no welfare state lost their jobs and often had nowhere to turn. While gaming on Blockchain become increasingly popular a whole new genre of gamer emerged, that of play to earn.

Games like Axie Infinity blossomed in countries such as the Philippines, where the duration of play would guarantee income, without being over-reliant on having to win every time. It was reported people could not only replace their income playing this blockchain game but in some cases they ten xed it.

Other games have followed suit such as Alien Worlds which is now the largest game in the sector in terms of users and the six planets currently being developed will in time grow vast treasuries and host communities in DAOs deciding how the funds are spent.

Here’s a list of NFT games to get you started, and if you’re not sure which one to pick, this will help you figure out how to find the right play-to-earn game for you.

Journalists / Content writers

There have been many platforms and marketplaces that launched on different blockchains which reward good content through tipping or donations of native tokens to popular writers. Of course, there are also crypto publications that pay journalists in cryptocurrency too.

Here are 8 platforms where you will be able to earn crypto with your writing.


The Blockchain space is one of the fastest-growing areas in the world. LinkedIn recently posted a report where they found a 600% plus increase in jobs in this space and it’s not just software developers, although this section is cleaning up currently. In saying this there are a variety of crypto-related professions to pick from, depending on your expertise and skillset. Here’s how to get started and pick a cryptocurrency industry that’s perfect for you

There are jobs of every hue and colour in blockchain and often there is an opportunity to take some salary or even bonuses in bitcoin or other tokens.

Please note: This is not financial advice, please make sure to do your due diligence or seek professional assistance before investing or participating in any way to earn cryptocurrency.

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