AnyTask enters NFT space, calls for artists and animators to join the trend

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The non-fungible token (NFT) has shown a sustained increase in interest from those in the collectibles sector.

Electroneum ventured into the non-fungible token (NFT) space in December 2020 through a joint project with Blockchain Heroes. is now also getting involved in this up and coming sector of crypto and blockchain by calling on online freelancers worldwide to get involved in the digital collectibles industry.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) explained

But what are NFTs? These are digital assets that represent a variety of unique tangible and non-tangible items. These range from collectible cards to virtual real estate and digital sneakers, as explained in a Coindesk article. NFT cards are the digital version of physical trading cards, such as Pokemon cards or the very popular sports cards.

Despite being on the blockchain and called tokens, NFTs cannot be directly exchanged for another, unlike cryptocurrencies, because no two non-fungible tokens are identical. That is the case even for NFTs that are on the same platform, game, or collection.

Because NFTs are on the blockchain, they are immutable and unforgeable. One of the main benefits of owning a virtual collectible versus a physical one is that each NFT contains information that makes them unique and verifiable.

NFT digital cards

Electroneum and Blockchain Heroes are involved in the NFT collectible cardscategory. These are basically a digital version of traditional trading cards, such as the baseball and football players’ cards worth millions of dollars in mint condition. According to an ESPN article, a 1952 Mickey Mantle card when for $5.2 million. Mantle played for the Yankees his entire baseball career from 1951 to 1968.

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“Unlike traditional collectible trading cards, items created on the blockchain (such as NFTs) provide important benefits,” said the co-founder of Blockchain Heroes Joel Comm. “These advantages include transparent sales and trading history, immutable ownership records, provable scarcity, and unique minting identification numbers with each card.”

An article by Blockchaingamer dated 25 January 2021 has a list of the most expensive NFT cards to date. Cryptopunk’s Alien #2890 NFT card sold for just under $762,000 on 23 January 2021. That is especially meaningful when noting that NFTs first appeared three years ago. Cryptokitties, one of the world’s first blockchain games with over 1.5 million users, is credited with taking NFTs to the mainstream.

Big brands in the NFT sector

In May 2020, the Topps Trading Cards company released their Garbage Pail Kids trading cards in digital format on the WAX blockchain. The cards sold out in less than 28 hours and are now in great demand among collectors in a secondary market. A report by ​ that the nascent NFT industry was estimated to grow by up to 50% in 2020 to $315 million.

Another indication of NFTs’ increasing popularity is the number of big brand names getting involved. Microsoft has created their Azure Heroes to reward developers. Nike is also venturing into NFTs, as are Samsung, Louis Vuitton, FC Bayern Munich, the NFL, NBA, Paris Hilton, to mention a few.

List your NFT task on AnyTask

Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott explained there’s an increasing demand for online freelancers with the skills and abilities required to start engaging with buyers of these tasks.

Mr. Marriott called on digital freelancers with drawing, painting, illustrating, and animating skills to sign up now as a seller on the freelance platform and list their NFT task. If you are already an AnyTasker, then go to Create a Task and list yours now.

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Freelancers with architecture, video, music, and 3D rendering skills should also list their NFT task taking advantage of this ground-floor opportunity.

The buyers of NFT-related tasks are looking for online freelancers that can conceptualize (sketch or draft) an idea provided to them, Jonathan said. Buyers are also looking for those freelancers that can take that concept and turn it into a jaw-dropping illustration.

They are also looking for freelancers with the ability to aminate a static image, compose or apply music to animation, 3D rendering of a character or building, and transform a character into motion video, Jonathan added.

Tips for NFT task listings

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Jonathan has some NFT task listing tips. “Include the keyword ‘NFT’ in the titles of your tasks to ensure someone searching for ‘NFT’ can find you,” he said.

“Also, consider what types of skills, applications, and genres of NFT buyers may be searching for and build your tasks around them,” Jonathan said. “And based upon your skillset and interests, you should list as many tasks as you can, appealing to as wide of an audience as possible.”

He also recommended that you “create new tasks over time and see what gains traction — continue to finesse your tasks and keep them up-to-date. Build a portfolio over time and showcase this in your tasks. And lastly, promote your services on social media, including Telegram and Reddit groups.”

You’re all set, so now, it’s time for you to visit Electroneum’s global freelance platform,, and get started by listing your tasks for those buyers looking to create their own NFTs. Oops, we almost forgot to recommend you visit our AnyTask newsroom, where you can find tons of information and tips for sellers and buyers too.

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