AnyTask purchases with ETN to go live in the coming weeks!

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Corporate Marketing Manager Tanya Hardie also has some AnyTask survey results that will thrill. And Marketing Manager Jonathan has some details regarding influencers and how they can further our marketing objectives.

But first, allow us to highlight the significant milestone we reached this past week. Over 300,000 instant app payments have taken place over the ETN network. And our users have also completed nearly 200,000 mobile airtime and data top-ups. It’s worth mentioning that thousands of new users continue to sign up weekly to Electroneum and AnyTask.

Purchasing tasks with ETN!

That’s right! You’ve read it correctly! Jordan said that among the many improvements to AnyTask, our global freelance platform, ETN purchases are about to become a reality.

“We have just begun a new project to enable our 4 million registered Electroneum users to purchase tasks using ETN,” Jordan announced. “This is an exciting step for AnyTask. We expect to launch this function in the coming weeks. We will keep our community posted as we progress.”

But that’s not all!

“The tech team are also working on some other exciting changes this week,” said Jordan. “The dev team are working hard to enable the use of integrated wallets. We’ve released it on My Electroneum on 20 August, and plan to release it in the app very soon.”

Jordan described some of the changes the dev team are introducing onto AnyTask, which will be ready for release next week.

Amazing AnyTask survey results

Corporate Marketing Manager Tanya Hardie told AnyTask freelancers that “we’ve introduced a cool new feature to help buyers of your tasks better understand your performance.”

Tanya said that “deliverability statistics will ensure you (AnyTaskers) stand out from the crowd as a top freelancer.”

Freelancers still have time to improve their score by accepting orders, she added, while recommending them to “deliver tasks on time and to ensure speedy communication.”

She also said:

“We are continually asking for feedback from our buyers to ensure we deliver the best customer experience. It’s great to see 88% of buyers would recommend AnyTask, and 82% would purchase again.”

And while the survey has also highlighted some pain areas for AnyTask customers that Tanya said the team is already working to improve, our global freelance platform continues to grow. It now has nearly 8,600 tasks listed across dozens of categories. Also, the registered user base has increased to almost 500,000.

Bring on the influencers!

Jonathan has some great news as well.

“We are delighted to announce we have signed a contract with, a platform that provides unlimited direct access to thousands of influencers,” said Jonathan. “This will help us further our massive marketing campaign scheduled to go full swing in September.”

Jonathan said he could not go into further details of the marketing agreements Electroneum is signing due to NDAs, but rest assured you will be in awe as they come to complement the three-part series that kicks next week on KRON TV, Fox Business and Bloomberg TV.

“We have been in meetings all week long with crypto experts and influencers and top-tier podcasters who have expressed very encouraging opinions on how they view Electroneum,” said Jonathan.

Back-to-back meetings and interviews

As usual, Richard has been extremely busy in meetings with globally-recognized crypto and blockchain experts and influencers. Amongst them is Dr. Jane Thomason, who interviewed him last week for her FinTech.TV fireside series on technology and social transfers.

Dr. Thomason selected five companies working in different ways, from mobile money to crypto philanthropy, to show how technology can enable value to be transferred faster, cheaper, and more accurately. She is also writing and posting a blog across all the video interviews and one video story for greater exposure. Interested in knowing more about Dr. Thomason? Click here.

Award-winning crypto journalist and influencer, as well as a prolific author and international speaker, Jillian Godsil, reached out to Richard for an interview she plans to publish on Voice.

We don’t want to spoil the article for you, so be on the look-out across our social media channels for the link to the article in which Richard reveals operational details but we couldn’t dare pass on the extraordinarily significant revelation he made during the interview with Jillian.

KRON TV, Fox Business and Bloomberg TV

Speaking of media exposure, we are thrilled to remind you that this 23 August, Richard Ells’ interview with Jane King will appear on KRON TV. The following day, it will air on Fox Business, and on 29 August, it will broadcast on Bloomberg TV.

These three appearances on live global television are only the first of the three-part series we announced in our previous company update.

In our following company updates, we expect to announce even more exciting media campaigns to take Electroneum and AnyTask to a broader audience.

Updates from our C-Levels

Head of Corporate Relations Chris Norris and Head of Business Development Nigel Pooley have also been very busy. They’ve been in conversations with several international brands that provide the offramps Electroneum is looking for as part of the ongoing construction of a game-changing crypto ecosystem like no other in the industry.

Chris Norris also has an update regarding the addition of the instant crypto exchange he recently revealed.

“Testing is still in progress, but we are very delighted to announce that we expect to go live by the first week of September as we are ensuring that all technical issues have been satisfactorily resolved before we do.”

Head of Blockchain Chris Harrison says that all the build issues he spoke of last week have now been resolved.

“However, the fix for macOS binaries are not running as expected for some users. However, we are working on some optimizations for the wallet to improve enterprise wallet performance,” he said.

He added that “we are now doing heavy benchmarking of what will hopefully become a sub-address-based enterprise wallet system.”

Concentrating on progress

Our Support Manager Sam Warren said he and his team have “concentrated on continuing our progress with our support desk in the Philippines in terms of KPI’s and new procedures within Zendesk.

“Alongside this, we have been using positive changes on AnyTask and implementing them within Electroneum Zendesk,” he explained.

“For example, we are now looking to have an automated message sent out to our users if we have received no answer from them within seven days of responding to their original query.”

Sam further explained that it would help Support keep numbers down, “while not having to worry that we have to go back to tickets that have not been solved manually. That will help us concentrate on more pressing queries moving forward and give a better, more personalized service to our dedicated community.”

We are very pleased to end this company update by welcoming Charlotte Clubley to Electroneum. She is working with the Marketing team and will help with research, social media, contacting potential clients and partners as well as assisting with many other exciting projects.

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