Blockchain for Europe welcomes Electroneum as its 10th member

2 min readOct 1, 2020


Electroneum is now the tenth member of Blockchain for Europe, an industry organization that focuses on blockchain promotion and education to help the EU remain at the global forefront of blockchain innovation.

The award-winning crypto project now shares a privileged place amongst the membership — one of the most respected in Europe — along with Blockseed, Binance,, Ripple, and

Maria Minaricova, Blockchain For Europe’s Board chairperson, congratulated Electroneum.

“We have high expectations for Electroneum as a member given its record as a well-established company led by a highly professional team with a goal of financial inclusion that has caught the attention of many crypto and blockchain experts around the world,” Minaricova said.

“We are very pleased that they will join our other dedicated members in seeking to advance blockchain technology applications in Europe,” she added.

As a trade association, Blockchain for Europe ensures that blockchain companies can speak with a unified voice to effectively and positively influence policymaking at the EU level. “We proactively contribute to the regulatory debate by supporting European decision-makers in their goal to make Blockchain technology a success,” the association states on their website.

“It’s a great honor to join such an important group of blockchain firms in their mission to ensure that new rules and regulations do not stifle innovation in the space,” said Electroneum CEO Richard Ells.

“We look forward to playing our part in helping European authorities and lawmakers better understand the important technological advances blockchain enables,” he stated.

The group is currently contributing to ongoing discussions about a digital Euro and the proposed EU framework for markets in crypto-assets as well as on other relevant regulatory issues.

As the association grows, it intends to expand into areas such as self-sovereign identity, digital taxation, IoT, and governance.

About Blockchain for Europe

Founded in late 2018, Blockchain for Europe is a non-profit organization representing international blockchain industry players at the EU-level.

The group proactively contributes to the regulatory debate by supporting European decision-makers to make blockchain technology a success.

Blockchain for Europe closely collaborates with national, regional, and global players — both at the policy as well as industry level — to support the promotion of and education about blockchain technology.

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