Brazil, Nigeria top the list of countries where Electroneum users are using ETN to top up their airtime and data

2 min readJun 12, 2020

Launched in November 2017, Electroneum focuses on helping the unbanked in developing countries, so it comes to no surprise that out of the top 30 countries where their app users are purchasing mobile airtime and data, only one is a developed country.

As of 10 June 2020, Electroneum statistics show that just under 165,000 mobile top-ups from within the Electroneum app have taken place around the world.

With 73,363, Brazil is by far the country where mobile top-ups from within the Electroneum app are most popular. It is also the country where Electroneum has the highest number of active users, with nearly 310,000.

“There are only a handful of cryptocurrency projects or less that have as many real-world use cases as Electroneum, said Richard Ells, CEO, and founder of the UK-based crypto startup. “I don’t know of any other cryptocurrency outside Bitcoin and Ethereum that has the level of real world use that ETN has.”

In Nigeria, just over 29,250 mobile top-ups have been completed by Electroneum app users, followed in third place by Turkey with 17,644 total airtime and data top-ups.

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Uganda is unique for Electroneum because although it is positioned in 66th place by the number of app users with 3,242, it ranks fourth when it comes to in-app mobile airtime and data top-ups with 5,764. Nearly 90 businesses in Uganda have registered on, which accepts ETN as payment, making it one of the most popular countries for ETN.

Electroneum began its journey into mobile top-ups in South Africa in February 2019. The award-winning startup made history, thereby becoming the first crypto project to sign a direct collaboration agreement with a mobile virtual network operator. Over 5,500 airtime and data top-ups have taken place in that country, which ranks fifth in this category.

Cambodia ranks sixth with nearly 5,100 top-ups. Electroneum made crypto history again in January 2020 by signing a direct collaboration agreement with a leading mobile network operator.

With nearly 100,000 Electroneum app users, Indonesia is the seventh most active country in the mobile top-up category with 3,718. The Philippines follows with 2,862; Russia, 2,664, and in tenth place, India with 1,855.

Mobile top-ups from within the Electroneum app are taking place in at least 140 countries around the world, which demonstrates a demand from users for places where they can spend their crypto.

Electricity top-ups are expected to go live in Nigeria, The Gambia, Mali, and Senegal this Summer, and gradually to more countries, as reported recently, as part of Electroneum’s ongoing development of the largest crypto ecosystem in the industry.

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