Electroneum announces tech improvements and behind-the-scenes progress while the user-base continues to grow

4 min readFeb 12, 2021


“A tremendous amount of work and progress is going on in the background — most of which we can’t talk about yet,” said Electroneum Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott.

The Electroneum Tech team has focused their entire attention on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) across Electroneum, its app, and AnyTask.com to significantly improve all products and services.

The new focus on improvements comes as Electroneum’s Head of Business Development Nigel Pooley reveals that chambers of commerce and small business associations have shown significant interest in promoting AnyTask.com amongst their members.

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Behind the scenes, all the other Electroneum departments are putting together some very interesting and promising deals with other crypto and blockchain projects, FinTechs, and mainstream businesses.

“A tremendous amount of work and progress is going on in the background — most of which we can’t talk about yet,” said Electroneum Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott.

“What I can say is that we have a lot taking place with the integration between Elecroneum and AnyTask, which will translate to other applications. And a lot of collaboration discussions,” he added.

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Mr. Marriott also spoke of Electroneum’s NFT involvement and how the UK-based startup is now seeking online freelance artists to sign up to AnyTask.com and participate in this fascinating and fast-growing marketplace.

He invited all freelancers with drawing, painting, illustrating, and animating skills to sign up now as a seller on the AnyTask.com freelance platform and list their NFT tasks. If you are already an AnyTasker, then go to Create a Task and list yours now.

An update from the Tech Team

Project Manager Jordan Lowe shares some of the exciting tech improvements that are currently under development.

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The user is the main focus, Jordan said. One significant improvement has to do with the attachment of files on AnyTask.

She also said the team “made changes to enable users the ability to upload multiple files at once,” she said. “This was something that customers asked us to make possible.” ​

Jordan also said the tech team is working on a few other features. “We are enabling users on AnyTask to switch between multiple currencies so they can see the prices of tasks in a local currency,” Jordan added. She concluded by saying that many other exciting updates and improvements will be announced in the coming months.

The team continues to grow

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Human Resources Manager Mike Jennings revealed that on the recruitment side of things, all is very positive. ​

“We have a number of candidates who are at our final testing stage, and we have scheduled new interviews with potential new additions to our PHP development team,” he said. ​

“We continue to grow. If you’re looking for a new and exciting career in the crypto and blockchain industry and want to help create a set of products that empower people, and make the world a better place, make sure to visit the Electroneum careers page for more information,” he said.

A weekly statistics update

New users continue to flock to Electroneum and AnyTask. Electroneum again saw nearly 1,200 new registered users per day this past week. Over 1,450 people downloaded the Electroneum app daily this past week as well. ​

Electroneum now has 4,151,036 registered users. People have completed 2,811,476 app downloads. Two more merchants have signed up to ETNeverywhere.com, bringing the total to 2,091 outlets that accept ETN as payment.

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AnyTask reports over 643,000 registered users, and nearly 30,500 tasks are listed across dozens of online freelancing categories and subcategories. And currently, there are nearly 16,000 talented freelancers on the global marketplace.

To further understand the importance of AnyTask and how beneficial it is for Electroneum and its community, please make sure to click here and, once in the article, please scroll down below the AnyTask TV ad.

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