Electroneum CEO sends CZ another video message confirming the Binance application

2 min readSep 12, 2020


Richard Ells asks CZ to take a look at Electroneum’s latest application saying the UK-based crypto project is excited to see if it manages to work with Binance

Electroneum CEO Richard Ells sent his Binance counterpart, Changpeng Zhao, a second video message confirming submission of the crypto startup’s latest application to the world’s largest crypto exchange.

“We’ve completed (submitted) that (application) today, 12 September 2020,” said Mr. Ells. “Very exciting to see if we can manage to work with you guys.”

He went on to say:

“We love the Binance project. We love what you’re doing in Uganda and Nigeria, where we have some great alignments. We would love to work with you if we can.”

Electroneum has a massive user base in Africa and South America. Electroneum has nearly 115,000 users in Nigeria and almost 350,000 in Brazil, for example. In Uganda, Electroneum has thousands of users and about 80 shops where ETN is accepted.

Nigeria is one of the four African countries where Electroneum users can top-up their electricity meters with ETN from within the app. Mobile airtime and data top-ups are live in over 140 countries.

Mr. Ells sent CZ the first video on 25 August, asking him to take a second look at Electroneum’s second application to the crypto exchange. When asked by an Electroneum community member if he would consider Electroneum’s applications, CZ replied with only links to Binance’s application process and tips. Acting on the indirect reply, Richard Ells applied for the third time.

In the second video, Richard mentions Electroneum’s global freelance platform. The award-winning crypto startup soft-launched AnyTask in late 2019 and already has over 500,000 registered users and over 12,000 tasks listed across dozens of categories.

AnyTask has already had a positive impact on the lives of many freelancers, including Nikola Bobetic, who was able to purchase a 3D printer with the ETN he has earned on AnyTask. Dattatray Degale says AnyTask “is important to me and has made a difference in my life.”

Godwin Delai Adadzie, the Ghanian freelancer, has used his ETN earnings to help others facing economic difficulties. He also uses his ETN to send friends in Nigeria airtime and data from within the Electroneum app.

“So, please take a look at the Electroneum project if you would be so kind,” asks Mr. Ells, concluding that, “hopefully, ‘Electroneum is a project you would like’ to work with, and certainly, we would be extremely grateful if you would consider us.”

Originally published at https://news.electroneum.com on September 12, 2020.




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