Electroneum enhances its leadership role in the UK, EU

4 min readOct 2, 2020


CEO Richard Ells explains the importance of the Blockchain for Europe membership. He says Electroneum is in the final stages of rolling out exciting new top-up services

There are very exciting integrations and agreements in the pipelines that will add to the great news that Electroneum is now part of the very prestigious Blockchain for Europe association along with Ripple, Binance, Cardano, Billon, Fetch.ai, and several more.

The prestigious membership by unanimous vote helps further enhance Electroneum’s leadership role in the UK and the European Union, said Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott, who was key in getting our project accepted by the lobbying group.

“Moving forward, we will be helping the association to advise on future EU legislation, ensuring rules and regulations do not inadvertently stifle blockchain technology and innovation,” said Jonathan.

In a welcome statement, Blockchain for Europe Chair Maria Minaricova said, “Electroneum has a record as a well-established company led by a highly professional team with a goal of financial inclusion that has caught the eye of crypto and blockchain experts worldwide.”

Jonathan Marriott said that “In addition to preparing for our Blockchain for Europe announcement, we have been maintaining a great number of conversations with influencers, of whom are at final stages of negotiation.”

CEO Richard Ells sent an email out to the entire Electroneum community on 1 October in which he speaks about the membership and provides many other exciting updates.

“Our addition to Blockchain for Europe is an incredibly important development for Electroneum as it places us on the leading edge of regulatory discussions across Europe,” he explained. “We join the likes of Ripple, Binance, and Cardano, just to name a few, in advising the European Union on the implementation of blockchain in current and future legislation.”

He also explained that “much of what we will be discussing will be of the utmost secrecy, we will endeavor to share with you what we can to keep you up to date.”

Devs and ETN adoption

Richard also spoke about the tech development side of things. “New developers are essential with the runaway success of AnyTask, which is hugely aiding ETN adoption, and to help integrate ETN payments with lots of exciting new things to buy with ETN!”

“I’m pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of rolling out new top-up services to more than ten African countries and will be released shortly,” he said. “This update will not only expand electricity meter top-ups across more regions but will introduce two new top-up services to the Electroneum platform.”

He further explained that “people worldwide will now be able to purchase food and building materials for their family back home. All they need to do is select a store nearby where their family members can collect.”

Enhancing customer service

“Increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing our customer experience on AnyTask has been our major focus this quarter,” Richard said. “We have introduced deliverability stats on AnyTask to help buyers find the best freelancers at a glance. We’ve also implemented SMS notifications and new order pop-up notifications to improve the acceptance rate and deliverability of orders.”

He also said, “The latest AnyTask release includes a simplified sign-up process, making getting started even quicker, and an improved checkout journey. And this is just the start! We have lots of exciting features on their way.”

More from the tech team

Product Manager Jordan Lowe said the tech team is working intensively on many new developments.

“The entire tech team is bustling working on lots of exciting developments,” she said. “On AnyTask, we’ve simplified our sign up process to just a couple of fields, whether you’re buying or selling a task, the process is now super quick and easy.”

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Jordan explained that “We’ve also improved the algorithm that powers our search results, making it easier for buyers to find the best tasks and sellers. In the coming weeks, the team will focus on optimizing the look and feel of the homepage, enabling seller holidays and making some UI improvements across the site.”

From the support team

Support Manager Sam Warren revealed plans for expansion of the team he leads.

“We are currently working on our reporting side of Zendesk while also discussing the possibilities of expanding our current team to ensure we deliver the best service possible,” Sam said.

“Training is key to ensure we improve our support to the community. We’re making sure all our staff is ready for when our live chat on AnyTask goes live 24/7.”

Growth is relentless

The Electroneum and AnyTask user base continue to grow relentlessly. In the past week, we’ve seen over 4,200 more Electroneum registered users bringing the total to just under 4.06 million.

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Over 4,665 Electroneum app downloads also took place to bring that total to 2,688,696. Total phone top-ups are now 207,401 after our users completed 1,219 during the past week.

As of 1 October, AnyTask has 15,911 tasks listed across dozens of categories and subcategories, logo design, and video editing being some of the most popular. The userbase on AnyTask is up to over 537,700, who registered as either sellers or buyers.

The next few weeks should, in theory, be packed with exciting developments as Electroneum continues to expand its visibility and credibility, an indication of which is the fact that a CNBC producer has contacted us for an exploratory conversation about including us in one of their shows.

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