Electroneum finalises the very successful ETN giveaway and kicks off a new era of growth with exciting new products and services

5 min readMay 18, 2020


Phase One comes to an end along with ETN Rewards. Phase Two kicks off with ETN Everywhere, ETN Donate and in-Electroneum-app electricity top-ups in four African countries by June 2020

Success is in the numbers. In only 30 months since its official launch in November 2017, Electroneum has garnered nearly 3.9 million registered users, 2.4 million ETN app downloads, 100,000 blockchain transactions per month, 250,000 app-to-app ETN transfers, nearly 100,000 mobile airtime and data top-ups and hundreds of places where you can use ETN.

That, alongside the end of the current ETN Rewards systems, marks the highly successful completion of Phase 1, which saw astonishing growth and a social media following of over 300,000, far exceeding the expectations of the award-winning crypto.

“Our ETN Rewards systems and the referral model we put in place in November 2017 helped us reach these impressive numbers that no other crypto has achieved,” said the CEO and Founder of the UK-based crypto, Richard Ells. “It is now time to end them and enter Phase Two.”

The launch of ETNDonate.com and ETNeverywhere.com, and a greater focus on Electroneum’s real-world crypto ecosystem mark the start of Phase Two, a new and exciting era for ETN and its entire community.

“Phase One has come to its end with great success,” said Mr. Ells. “The first two years and six months have been about adoption, and today we can proudly say we met our goal. We distributed a lot of ETN via our ETN Rewards system, which has been crucial to bringing in as many users as we have.”

Mr. Ells went on to reiterate the end of what he called the inflationary period. “We now move on to Phase Two, where we focus on greater crypto ​ community engagement, more deals with corporates, and further ETN adoption.”

The CEO added that Electroneum would be present in many more crypto exchanges around the world, where there is a vast ETN user base and room for more remarkable growth.

ETN Everywhere is live!

The ETN Everywhere is a global community of businesses, service providers, and merchants who accept ETN. The platform gives merchants an official business listing that is searchable and viewable by customers anywhere around the world.

“There are already about 300 e-commerce websites where you can spend ETN, and there hundreds of other merchants who also accept our token,” said Mr. Ells. “There are also hundreds of merchants and service providers who accept ETN as payment in Uganda, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, the UK, US, and Thailand, to mention a few countries.”

“The platform provides users with a range of invaluable resources that helps businesses succeed, including personalised store posters, professional social media templates and the latest ecommerce plugins,” explained Laura Johnston, who leads the project.

With ETN Everywhere engaging and supporting business that accept ETN, as well as providing customers with a clear tool to find merchants to spend their ETN in, the growth of the business network in future, looks strong.

ETN Donate is ready!

ETN Donate empowers the crypto community to make a difference in the world we live in by making vital donations to the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charities of their preference.

By giving carefully selected NGOs the opportunity to accept donations of ETN via the ETN Donate website, each charitable organization has instant access to an entirely new way to fundraise.

The platform is also a designated area for the NGOs to showcase their fantastic initiatives and for other non-profit organizations to come on board and begin receiving an entirely new flow of donations in ETN.

In July 2019, Electroneum upgraded implemented its unique Moderated Blockchain, powered by their innovative Proof of Responsibility protocol. That enabled the startup to bring in non-governmental organisations as their trusted validators.

As well as ETN block rewards (in the same way Bitcoin miners earn BTC), the NGOs can also showcase themselves on the ETN Donate website for more donations.

Topping up electricity with ETN

Electroneum has focused on the creation of an ETN ecosystem, unlike all other crypto projects. Top-ups have been an essential component of that ecosystem. As mobile airtime and data top-ups have proven to be very successful, the UK startup is scheduled to take the next natural step by integrating electricity top-ups by Summer 2020 in Nigeria, Mali, Gambia, and Senegal, and gradually, to the rest of the world.

“Topping up electricity via the Electroneum app means you no longer have to travel great distances to a shop where you have to queue to pay for the vital supply of energy,” Mr. Ells explained. “The ability to top-up utilities makes earning ETN more attractive.”

The AnyTask success story

Electroneum’s global freelance platform AnyTask saw its launch in late 2019, and again, the numbers are full evidence of the demand for the website.

As of 4 May, nearly 250,000 people had registered on AnyTask as either buyers or sellers. Thousands of talented freelancers have listed over 3,150 tasks, and over 600 transactions have taken place.

“Phase 2 will also be very much about bringing in more buyers to AnyTask because our first objective is to enable a thousand freelancers to live entirely off our freelance platform,” said Mr. Ells. “Once we can guarantee subsistence of 1,000 freelancers on AnyTask, we aim for our next goal of 2,000 and so on until we reach genuine mass adoption.”

Electroneum is well on its long-term path to becoming the crypto with the most use cases and, therefore, on its way to being a top 10 cryptocurrency in terms of usability.

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