Electroneum is thrilled to announce its decision to apply to Binance once again

4 min readSep 4, 2020


“We’re very excited that CZ took the time to reply and point us back to the application form,” Electroneum CEO Richard Ells said. “This means he and his team are now aware of Electroneum’s intent to re-apply.”

Richard went on to say that “with CZ’s video confirmation that Binance lists projects with hundreds of thousands of users, and Electroneum having millions of users, I am confident that the Binance team will be keen to list us this time.

“The Binance application now requires a legal opinion, and we are just waiting for our lawyers to send that to us next week,” Richard added. “We’ve already used this opinion for HitBTC and Huobi, so it’s just a case of addressing it to Binance and giving us a copy.”

You all likely remember Richard’s video message to his Binance counterpart. CZ responded to the message indirectly pointing Electroneum to Binance links where tips on applying and all the procedures can be found.

Head of Corporate Relations Chris Norris took the opportunity to confirm that next week we will finally be on Changelly, the most popular instant crypto exchange.

“Our integration with this very popular instant crypto exchange will enable people to get ETN, making it easier for our users to instantly send ETN around the world at a fraction of a US cent,” Chris said.

Electroneum’s media presence

Unfortunately, the Bloomberg TV airing of the interview with Richard Ells did not broadcast when scheduled originally, 29 August. However, the good news is that there is a new date now, 12 September, at 7:00 pm EST (00:00 am BST, GMT+1).

The second part of the three-part series to air on KRON TV, Fox Business, and Bloomberg will be pre-recorded next week. And the tentative dates for airing are 17 September on Fox Business and 26 September on Bloomberg. The time of the broadcast has yet to be confirmed and the day and time for KRON TV.

Also awaiting to be determined is the interview date with Richard on Nasdaq TV and its 22 affiliated TV channels.

AnyTask improvements

As many of you must know already, many exciting improvements were made to the AnyTask.com freelance platform, and they all went live on 3 September. Here is the link to a detailed article explaining the improvements.

AnyTask Marketing Manager Tanya Hardie said improvements on the Electroneum-powered freelance platform are an ongoing priority as “we strive to ensure that the user experience on our website is unparalleled throughout the entire industry.”

Tanya also anticipated a few more freelance testimonials that will likely be published next week. She highlighted a couple of quotes from a couple of freelancers.

“It is encouraging to hear Nikola Bobetic mention that AnyTask has made a difference in his work as he has been able to put some ETN away for the future. More importantly, he was able to purchase a 3D printer with his AnyTask earnings. He is thrilled that this purchase will help him expand his freelance offering,” she said.

“And then there is Dattatray Degale, who said AnyTask is very important to him and has actually made a difference in his life,” Tanya added.

Head of Tech Development Barry Last said his team is working on making the AnyTask infrastructure easier to manage and deploy.

“This means that we can automatically deploy features when they are completed instead of larger, less frequent releases. It means we can also scale faster as traffic increases,” said Barry.

Enterprise sub-address wallet

Head of Blockchain Chris Harrison said his team is in the final stages of benchmarking an enterprise sub-address wallet’s performance.

“We have progressed quite well, and things are looking great,” Chris said. “We are also in the final stages of UI review with the instant crypto exchange that we are currently in the process of integrating.”

Chris also said, “we are implementing a new permissions system for Proof of Responsibility, (the protocol that powers the Electroneum blockchain). That will allow Electroneum to delegate related parties more responsibilities and afford them new benefits.”

Live chat support system

Support Manager Sam Warren said he and his team are working on getting the AnyTask live chat system up and running by next week.

“This has involved that the team and I make sure the system is easy to use, and, most importantly, user friendly,” Sam said. “We’ve been working closely with our Marketing team to make sure the system looks the part and with our support desk in the Philippines for training updates.”

Over the next week, Sam added, the support team will use the live chat in a demo form to train all the staff involved in support. “Once this goes live in about a couple of weeks, we will be working during UK work hours.”

Recruitment Update

Human Resources Manager Mike Jennings said his department had completed the first phase of interviews and technical tests with applicants.

“We have some exceptional candidates,” Mike said. “All of them love what we are doing here at Electroneum and are excited to join us. Watch this space as you will hear about our new starters soon.”

Mike said HR is also running technical tests with another group of developers. He is also screening and searching for our next batch of candidates, so anybody interested, please contact Electroneum immediately.

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