Electroneum launches ETN Rewards to replace cloud mining

3 min readJan 22, 2020


The world is changing quickly. Technology is revolutionising the way we live and go about our daily routine. Start-ups are disrupting every sector we can think of. However, many are overseeing how easy it is for people to get lost in all the techy gibberish and cumbersome terminology.

Electroneum is a leading innovator within the blockchain and crypto space. They have won the position by being a world first in many areas, including making sure their users and potential new members of their community feel comfortable with the revolutionary technology. Electroneum ensures that when they communicate, everybody listens because they understand.

With that in mind, Electroneum continually improves how they deliver the best products and services to their 3.5 million registered users around the world, particularly those living in developing countries, where ETN Rewards are making a difference in the lives of many.

Electroneum is one of the very few crypto projects that are on-the-ground in various countries to understand the needs and concerns of all their users. In South Africa and various other countries, the Electroneum team observed various crucial aspects regarding how users see cryptocurrency working for them. One of them was about making cryptocurrency easier to understand by removing the technical terminology, including moving away from cloud mining and introducing ETN Rewards.

In essence, nothing has changed as Electroneum continues to give up to US$3 worth of ETN to every user, every month. However, the shift away from the concept of cloud mining makes it easier for users to understand exactly how the rewards system works.

Hundreds of thousands of people are receiving monthly ETN Rewards by simply interacting with the Electroneum mobile app. The ETN they receive can be stored or spent with any merchant, retailer, and service provider that accepts Electroneum’s crypto as payment.

For many in the developing world, where monthly income is often less than US$50 per month, an additional US$3 per month can make a significant difference to their daily lives, allowing them to have a little more each day.

By giving users an ongoing reward, Electroneum has achieved the fastest viral growth of any cryptocurrency. The whole purpose of delivering ETN Rewards is to educate people on Electroneum’s cryptocurrency, how easy it is to use, and how it can positively transform their lives.

As the Electroneum ecosystem continues to expand globally, the project continues to focus on its mission to unlock opportunities for millions of people by giving them the chance to access the global digital economy.

Remember, it’s incredibly easy to start earning free ETN; simply open the app and tap “Start Earning ETN Rewards.” That’s it! But do not forget to tap “Extend” earning ETN Rewards every seven days to ensure you get the most out of the ETN Rewards.

Originally published at https://news.electroneum.com on January 22, 2020.




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