Electroneum prepares for major announcements in coming weeks

4 min readOct 23, 2020


Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott says Electroneum is about to expand in-app mobile airtime and data top-ups to more countries

The Electroneum team is preparing for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks, including various partnerships with other blockchain projects.

“This past week has been massive in terms of meetings and other developments,” said Electroneum Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott. “We are preparing for the expansion of ETN mobile airtime and data top-ups to more countries.”

Jonathan also said, “we have plans to announce a fascinating new partnership with a fantastic blockchain project in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! Others will follow as well.”

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Mr. Marriott is also working on taking a new project from the idea to execution. “We are building a new platform that’ll allow millions of content creators to earn ETN through their passion,” he said.

AnyTask marketing campaign

“Very much like our global freelance platform, the new one will help content creators to save on the extraordinarily high fees they find themselves forced to pay on other leading platforms,” he added.

AnyTask Marketing Manager Tanya Hardie has revealed exciting details of the campaign to help bolster the Electroneum-powered freelance platform’s success.

“We’ve secured a four-week marketing campaign with influential podcaster Jordan Harbinger,” she added. “Jordan Harbinger has often been called the Larry King of podcasts, but has also made a name for himself by securing high-level guests such as Mark Cuban, the late Kobe Bryant, Ray Dalio, Dennis Rodman, Kevin Systrom, and many more.”

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Jordan’s podcast boasts over 6.1 million downloads in over 191 countries, she added.

“We are also in talks with other major podcasts targeting businesses to start in the first quarter of 2021,” said Tanya. “And shortly, Creative Review will run a thought leadership piece on AnyTask and how it can benefit their audience of creative agencies and freelancers.”

Social Media Manager Stefan Armstrong is helping to get video assets ready for the influencers’ YouTube advertising videos.

More AnyTask improvements

Tanya Hardie and Product Manager Jordan Lowe described some of the most recent improvements to AnyTask.

“We’ve introduced an “Active” status to the task and profile pages to show potential buyers when sellers are online and ready to answer their questions or complete their tasks instantly,” said Tanya. “Being online for sellers will also positively affect their positioning in search results.”

Jordan said another cool feature is “that sellers can now ask their task buyers if they agree to allow them to utilize their delivered work for their public profile or portfolio.” She also spoke of changes to the website.

“The homepage has been updated with new content that is more reflective of how we want to position AnyTask within the market,” she said. “Improving the homepage design is also aimed at making the user experience easier and more enjoyable.”

Other updates to AnyTask include showing when sellers are online so that buyers can purchase from freelancers who are available to help with their urgent needs, Tanya and Jordan explained.

“We’ve added a new category we’ve dubbed ‘Background Removal’,” Jordan said. “In over a week since adding the new category, over 128 relevant tasks have been listed.”

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A few testimonials from AnyTask buyers

This past week, AnyTask got several testimonials from delighted customers who agree that freelancers on this freelance platform are very talented and deliver high-quality work. They are all convinced that overall, AnyTask is better than the other leading platforms.

Brandon de Jesus, a prominent realtor from Florida, says he is very diligent when using freelance platforms and hiring freelancers. He’s used freelance websites about eight times a year since 2017.

“I’ve taken some time to compare AnyTask with UpWork and have found that AnyTask seems more personable and easier to use than Upwork,” he said. “My experience with AnyTask has been excellent every time.”

Chris Truman is a Business Analyst and composer from New Zealand. He’s been using freelance websites for over seven years.

“Hiring freelancers on AnyTask over Fiverr is about value and cost,” Chris said. “And if you can help support freelancers in emerging economies without sacrificing talent and quality, well all that much better. The talent and quality of freelancers on AnyTask has convinced me that this freelance platform is the best option.”

Kern Thompson, a 36-year-old photographer and marketer from Rotterdam, Netherlands, has used freelance platforms for five years.

“I have come across something on AnyTask I never saw on UpWork, and that is freelancers are willing to go the extra mile. They are truly passionate about their work,” he said. “AnyTask has become very useful for me.”

Interview with Richard Ells

Lastly, down below is the latest video interview with Richard Ells. There are exciting revelations you must not miss.

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