Electroneum signs marketing agreements with Cointelegraph, Bad Crypto Podcast, Charlie Shrem, and Scott Melker

5 min readAug 28, 2020


The collaboration agreements include Bad Crypto Podcast coming on board as advisors, and a three-month campaign with The Funky Crypto Podcast

The entire Electroneum team is thrilled to announce three new major marketing campaigns scheduled to kick off in September. The campaign for more brand awareness brings in more crypto enthusiasts to Electroneum and increases the success of AnyTask.com.

Our CEO Richard Ells and the marketing team held various exciting meetings with the different media outlets and prominent crypto YouTubers to explain our objectives and describe our achievements during the week.

Cointelegraph is today the most popular crypto news outlet. It ranks 138th globally in the Finance category, according to SimilarWeb. It has s nearly 6.7 million monthly unique users.

The Bad Crypto Podcast hosts, Travis Wright and Joel Comm have a combined Twitter following of nearly 900,000. They will promote Electroneum and AnyTask via their podcast and the dozens of international events they attend annually.

They will also help with partnerships and influencers as part of our campaign to create greater brand awareness, bring in more crypto enthusiasts and agreements with entities and organizations.

The same goes for our agreements with Charlie Shrem, who is an internationally renowned crypto influencer and Bitcoin advocate with over 170,000 followers on Twitter. His podcast is available on many platforms, including Spotify. Scott Melker hosts one of the fastest-growing crypto and blockchain shows. He currently has over 115,000-lastly, The Funky Crypto Podcast, who have over 345,000 followers.

These three podcasters work with other major crypto-related projects, including Eric Vorhees’ Shapeshift, Stephen Pair’s Bitpay, and BlockFi, BitPanda, and eToro, among many others.

And speaking of media coverage, please do not forget to tune in to Bloomberg TV this 29 August at 6:00 pm EST or 11:00 pm BST (GMT+1) to see Richard Ells’ interview with Jane King.

Business development update

Head of Corporate Relations Chris Norris said that integrating the instant crypto exchange we previously announced is ready.

“We’ve successfully sorted all issues,” he said. “We expect to launch the integration next week finally. This instant crypto exchange will enable people to buy ETN with 48 fiat currencies accepted on that platform. Or they can exchange ETN via one of 150 plus cryptocurrencies.”

Chris went on to say that the integration is something we look forward to, because “their ethos is very much in line with ours, which is to simplify crypto so that anyone can get involved. If you can buy from Amazon, you can purchase ETN via that instant crypto exchange.”

More on Electroneum marketing

Electroneum Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott explained that the past couple of weeks were dedicated to three key focusses, which are the accuracy of Electroneum information across coin listing sites, planning future brand exposure, and generating conversations with potential new Electroneum use cases.

“We’ve joined a new influencer marketing platform that will connect us with thousands of influencers for not only Electroneum but AnyTask, too,” Jonathan said. “The platform will enable us to find, communicate, and measure the success of any campaigns we undertake with influencers.”

He also spoke of actions being taken to address the issue of fake businesses listed on ETNeverywhere.com.

“We’ve implemented a new ‘Report’ button on ETN Everywhere so users can notify us of any issues with listings,” he explained. “As soon as a listing is reported, we receive a notification and deal with it within 24 hours.”

Electroneum Development Update

Barry and Jordan also revealed that their team is working intensively on several initiatives.

“AML system enhancement. Most of the team’s development time is currently spent on this project, which will bring about several significant enhancements within the system,” said Barry. “This will aid the support team in making a much more robust decision when users come through the process.”

Regarding App enhancements, Jordan said that “Ben Whomsley and Costin Cristoi have been working on many enhancements to improve the user experience in terms of look and feel and some additional functionality.”

Jordan also said the use of integrated wallet addresses on my.electroneum.com is now possible, and that the team is still working on having this functionality in the app, supported by a release in the next few days.

AnyTask from a Dev perspective

Head of Tech Development Barry Last, who has 15 years as a Solutions Architect and is an award-winning automotive specialist, said his team works with our Data Analyst Ellen MacPherson to improve the data collection.

“We are improving the data for our own use and that of external agencies we are working with to bolster AnyTask,” said Barry. “We now have a clearer view of how our marketing campaigns are performing and where customers are exiting the platform.”

Barry went on to reiterate that shortly customers will be able to purchase tasks with ETN.

“People may feel incentivized to pay with ETN as when doing so, sales charges are only 1%,” he highlighted. “This means that the 6% sales charge for paying with a debit or credit card will be reinstated shortly.”

Product Manager Jordan Lowe said improvements to AnyTask continues to be of the highest priority for Electroneum, recognizing that the website still needs a lot of work.

AnyTask growth

AnyTask Marketing Manager Tanya Hardie reported growth in several AnyTask areas.

“Currently, there are over 9,535 tasks registered across dozens of categories,” she said. “That represents an increase of 639 tasks in the last two weeks. The AnyTask website has also seen an increase of users by nearly 11,000 in the past two weeks. It currently has over half a million registered users.”

Tanya also announced that she and our Lead Graphic Designer Lucy Kierans are “improving the overall look, feel and content on the AnyTask homepage, which will then be implemented across the other website pages.”

Social Media Manager Stef Armstrong explained he has “improved our AnyTask Facebook advertising campaign by changing our focus from click to landing page views. This has improved our drop-off rate from 90% to 50%.”

He went on to say the team has also introduced a remarketing campaign to those visiting our AnyTask website within 60 days.

“We’re actively seeking social media influencers to promote AnyTask and increase brand awareness. We have two influencers working on videos for this week to their audiences, which combined total over 820,000,” Stef said. “We are also working with a couple of agencies to raise brand awareness and lead generation.”

AnyTask Support update

Support Manager Sam Warren updated the team on the many improvements being implemented to make their work more efficient for the benefit of AnyTask users.

“Our 24/7 support desk in the Philippines, who are experts with Zendesk, are currently working to a service level agreement to ensure that all tasks on the platform are approved within one hour,” Sam said. “This is working well, and over time we will bring this down to ensure an even faster response time.”

From Human Resources

Human Resources Manager Mike Jennings said that “we are currently running a recruitment drive focusing on adding additional Dev team members to the company.

“So far, the recruitment drive has yielded a good number of very promising candidates, several which have now taken competency tests and will be moving to final interviews,” he explained. “Our current pipeline of talent is looking very strong, and we hope to be adding new team members to the company very soon!”

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