Electroneum’s next step to mainstream adoption is Brazil

3 min readAug 6, 2019


Electroneum’s 3.1-million community is rapidly growing and continues to focus on mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. That is why they are excited to announce their ground-breaking expansion to Brazil, the largest country in Latin America. Thousands of Electroneum users can now instantly make Claro mobile top ups with their ETN balance.

The expansion is only the start to many game-changing developments that will thrust Electroneum into a new era of real-world utility on the ground in developing countries, where they will help improve the lives of millions.

In Brazil, Electroneum’s community is growing rapidly as people find out how easy it is to use Electroneum’s mobile app that rewards those who engage with it with up to US$3 a month in ETN. The ETN rewards can now be used to purchase more airtime and data on Claro.

Electroneum CEO Richard Ells explains that Claro top ups have been made possible through a third-party platform that makes purchases of the mobile phone airtime and data easy and seamless.

Claro, one of the largest in Brazil

Claro is the second largest mobile network operator (MNO) in Brazil. They operate in 2,000 cities nationwide, including Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Currently, the MNO has over 60 million subscribers, to whom it offers roaming in over 150 countries.

“This marks a new era for Electroneum and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole,” says Electroneum CEO Richard Ells. “We have invested significantly on talent, research, and development to lead the way in mass adoption by providing our ETN community with real-world use cases in South Africa and now in Brazil, as well as in many more countries that will be announced throughout 2019.”

Brazil in numbers

Brazil is the largest and most populated country in Latin America. It has circa 212 million inhabitants. It is also a perfect location for digital and tech companies as the median age is 32. World Bank statistics show that about 25% of the people in the country live under the poverty line.

The South American country also has an unbanked population of 55 million and ranks fifth in cryptocurrency ownership, while 40% of crypto holders earn below the country’s minimum wage, making this country a logical next step to expand Electroneum’s user base.

Electroneum’s growing community

Electroneum have over 3.1 million users worldwide, and their community is growing daily by the thousands.

“Our family of ETN users is growing fast because they know we make accessing cryptocurrency as easy as owning a phone,” says Ells . “Now, people in Brazil people can top up their phone’s airtime and data with ETN. This enables us to establish other relationships across the country.”

Richard Ells says:

“Brazil is only the start of a massive expansion to more developing countries,” and adds that “Downloading the free Electroneum app means every user can experience the use of cryptocurrency at no cost to them.”

Game-changing developments

And as part of this, Electroneum launched their positively disruptive Moderated Blockchain, powered by their unique Proof of Responsibility (PoR) protocol. This made ETN the greenest and one of the most secure cryptocurrencies in existence as it is now insusceptible to 51% attacks. PoR also enables Electroneum to handpick non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as their trusted miners exclusively, including Ubuntu Pathways, which has been praised by the likes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (1984 Nobel Prize) and Bill Clinton.

Richard Ells said Electroneum would soon have more announcements on ground-breaking expansions into other developing countries.

“We aim to continue launching real-world use cases for ETN helping people live more with ETN,” he concluded.

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