Electroneum’s Richard Ells sends Binance’s CZ a video message asking him to take another look at Electroneum

4 min readAug 25, 2020


In a video message to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, Electroneum CEO Richard Ells calls on his team to look at the ​ award-winning cryptocurrency, emphasizing Electroneum have contacted the crypto exchange on two occasions without ever getting a reply.

“We’ve contacted Binance twice,” said Richard Ells. “Unfortunately, we’ve never heard back. We bought the BNB coin … but never heard back. With thousands of people applying to Binance, I can imagine it’s very easy to overlook a project.”

Ells’s video message to CZ is in response to a ​ YouTube video interview of the head of Binance with Altcoin Buzz’s Layah Heilpern. In it, CZ speaks of his crypto exchange’s “pretty transparent” and “very rigorous” listing process.

“To break it down, it is actually very simple,” Changpeng Zhao told Miss Heilpern. “If your project has a large number of users, you’ll get listed even without talking to us.”

In that same interview, CZ goes on to say he “typically encourages projects to focus on developing their users. If you have, I don’t know, 100,000 users, half a million users … if you have over a million users today, I think you will automatically get listed on Binance.”

Electroneum has over 4 million registered accounts, and over 2.7 million users have downloaded the Electroneum app. The UK-based project successfully brought in millions of users during the first 30 months of its existence through an airdrop of up to $3 in ETN a month.

The simulated mobile mining scheme ​ was finalized in May of this year as Electroneum ended Phase One, which was about ETN adoption and moved on to Phase Two, which is focused more on building the ETN ecosystem and growing adoption.

Binance coin votes

Richard Ells also told CZ that the Electroneum community has also participated “in a couple of your coin votes. However, I think because our genuine community is massive, it’s quite easy to think that our coin votes were bots or fake, but they were not.

“Our figures are completely verifiable,” Ells added. “We’ve had our huge user numbers and usage figures verified by Cointelligence. And we’ve also got Alexa certified stats. It’s quite easy for your team to have a look and see where our hotspots of use are.

“We have hundreds of thousands of people using our ETN app to top up their air time and data directly from, with ETN to airtime in over 140 countries,” he said.

Currently, Electroneum users have completed more than 200,000 mobile airtime and data top-ups and some 300,000 app-to-app transfers.

The UK-based mobile cryptocurrency is the only crypto startup that has enabled in-app mobile airtime and data top-ups. It is also the first to allow in-app electricity top-ups in four African countries, Senegal, Nigeria, The Gambia, and Mali. More countries will go live with this function in the coming months.

Electroneum is also the only cryptocurrency with a global freelance platform called AnyTask. It enables people without a bank or PayPal account to earn an additional income in ETN by selling their digital skills.

AnyTask.com — launched in late 2019 — already has nearly 500,000 registered users and over 9,000 tasks listed by thousands of talented freelancers across dozens of digital task categories.

The Electroneum-powered freelance platform has become very popular because it does not charge sellers of tasks any fees or commissions, unlike most other leading freelance platforms that charge up to 20%.

Freelancers on AnyTask also get paid within minutes after buyers approve their work instead of the two weeks they are forced to wait on the other leading freelance platforms.

Showing some love

“I love the Binance project and everything that it does, but I especially love what it’s doing in places like Africa. ​ South Africa and Nigeria” Ells told CZ in the video. “We’re also out in Brazil. We’re all over the developing world.

“When I look at Binance and what you’re doing, you’re probably the largest project to bring cryptocurrency into those types of regions,” Ells added. “And I would also suggest that ETN is one of the brands that is exposing the unbanked to crypto. “

Calls on CZ to discuss a joint project

“We would love to collaborate with Binance,” Richard Ells said, and called on CZ for a conversation to discuss a potential partnership for a project in emerging countries.

“We’re very well-financed, which means we can do a huge joint venture in some of these developing countries,” Ells said. “So, let’s please have a little chat. If you can get one of your team to reach out to us, we will be immensely grateful. We absolutely love what you’re doing, and we can’t wait to work with you and be listed on Binance.”

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