Electroneum’s Tech Team improves user onboarding

4 min readMar 26, 2021


While the User Experience team welcomes a new member, three more Devs are ready to join in the next couple of weeks.

Nick Cook, Electroneum’s Head of Operations, has informed that the Dev team is currently focusing on two priorities. One, to streamline the Electroneum and AnyTask.com onboarding user experience. Two, to refine the know-your-customer (KYC) process to make it easier to navigate while maintaining the protection of users.

“The AnyTask.com and Electroneum onboarding streamlining work has been ongoing for the last couple of weeks, so progress is very promising, Mr. Cook said. “The front-end work is also now progressing well.”

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And speaking of onboarding

Support Manager Sam Warren reported that four additional support team members are now fully trained and working on KYC processing. Their impact on Support has been significant.

“The entire (larger) team are up to speed and are meticulously working through the KYC backlog at pace,” said Mr. Warren.

“Simple KYC backlog issues are being addressed daily. The team will be working hard to repeat that success in the next few weeks with the more in-depth cases,” he said.

More techies to the Dev team

And speaking of the tech development, Mike Jennings, Human Resources Manager, said one more member joined the User Experience (UX) team to speed up improvements in this area to benefit Electroneum’s 4.2 million registered users.

The AnyTask TV ad is currently airing on many well-known South African television networks.

“We have three other new joiners starting over the next couple of weeks,” Mr. Jennings added. “All the new staff members will work within tech and development functions.”

Jonathan speaks NFTs

Mr. Marriott has focused significant efforts on helping “position AnyTask.com as the place to get NFTs created. As you may all recall, we launched our AnyTask NFT category last week with six very talented artists.”

He also spoke of the NFT collection created by an AnyTask freelance artist, a monumental task he coordinated. ​

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“Nine of our own NFT collections are mostly complete,” Mr. Marriott said. “We released the first collection last week as a giveaway, which drew massive attention with over 564 likes, 438 retweets and 329 comments.”

Jonathan Marriott emphasized how quickly NFTs are becoming so hugely popular and highlighted that now is a perfect time to become an AnyTask NFT freelance artist.

Mr. Marriott has previously explained there’s a massive spike in demand for digital collectibles. The NFT marketplace has grown to $340 million in 2020 and could increase to $1.3 billion this year, according to a report. ​

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Jonathan Marriott called on digital freelancers with drawing, painting, illustrating, and animating skills to sign up now as a seller on the AnyTask.com freelance platform and list their NFT task. Freelancers with architecture, video, music, and 3D rendering skills should also list their NFT task taking advantage of this ground-floor opportunity, he added. If you are already an AnyTasker, then go to “ Create a Task” and list yours now.

Stats of the week

There’s no better way to end our most latest company update than with our most recent stats. And no better way than to proudly announce Electroneum now has over 4.2 million users after nearly one thousand new sign-ups daily. What a milestone! Electroneum App downloads remain high: just under 12,000 this past week to bring the total since day one to 2,882,361.

In-App mobile airtime and data top-ups also remain high as over 2,140 took place to bring that total to 231,525. And lastly, 17 new merchants from around the world signed up to ETNeverwhere.com. That means users now have 2,152 merchants worldwide who accept ETN.

Next week in the UK, and in many countries around the world, Friday is a holiday or bank holiday, which means we will not be publishing the company update again until Friday, 9 April.

Originally published at https://news.electroneum.com on March 26, 2021.




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