ETN-Network growth shows continuing solid interest in the project

3 min readApr 30, 2021


Interest in ETN-Network and the AnyTask Platform remains high. A clear indication of that interest is that in-ETN-App mobile airtime and data top-ups remain high at 1,703. That brings the total to 242,246.

However, a clearer demonstration of the interest from crypto enthusiasts in getting involved with ETN and the ETN App are the thousands of new user registrations and ETN App downloads. Currently, the ETN-Network has 4,237,936 total registered accounts. And users have completed a total of 2,933,177 ETN App downloads.

The AnyTask™ Platform also continues to show growth. There are over 30,000 active Tasks on The global P2P (peer-to-peer) freelance platform also has 683,953 registered users. There are 16,954 active Sellers on the AnyTask™ Platform.

ETN App users now have 2,195 outlets where they can use this token for various purchases, including mobile airtime and data top-ups, electricity top-ups, online purchases of thousands of products and services, discount travel, and more. ​

Visit to view the entire directory of ETN merchants and find one near you. You can also visit the website’s Benefits section for more information on where ETN App users can utilise their ETN for purchases. It also explains the benefits for corporates and retailers.

Many updates to the AnyTask Platform website

Changes have taken place on the AnyTask Platform’s What is AnyTask page, said Cathy Jenkins, Head of Marketing. The new page explains the benefits of becoming an Seller. Mrs. Jenkins said the page also explains the benefits for Buyers. She also said the tech team is fixing bugs and improving the UI/UX continuously.

“At yet to be determined, the AnyTask Hero will go live. That includes certain Sellers receiving a Hero badge and will be accompanied with a new page in the footer explaining how it works,” Cathy Jenkins added.

An NFT reminder

Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott reminded all that there is still time to win 1 of 50 limited edition NFTs of blockchain speaker, influencer and advocate, Rachel Siegel, known as @CryptoFinally. She has well over 125,000 followers across Twitter and YouTube.

The NFT giveaway is to show support for people like Rachel Siegel who step outside their comfort zone to entertain and educate.

“With Rachel’s support, we are incredibly excited to share with you this special hand-illustrated NFT of Rachel herself, designed by a fabulous Filipino artist who goes by the name of Khezzey,” says our recent article announcing the giveaway. The announcement includes the terms and conditions linked to this NFT giveaway. Hurry and enter your chance now before 11:59 BST (GMT+1) on 3 May.

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