Interested in a free NFT? Hurry and get an AnyTask™ Platform-created digital collectible artwork

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CoinEx lists ETN for users worldwide. Support team continues to grow, becoming more efficient

Time is running out for those interested in NFT art to get a free digital collectible created by one of the many talented online freelance artists you can find on the AnyTask™ Platform as the deadline of 30 June is fast approaching. has created two ways anybody can get their very own amazing NFT. One is by purchasing $30 worth of tasks on the global freelance platform by 30 June 2021, 11:59 pm BST (GMT+1), explained Head of Marketing Cathy Jenkins.

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The second one actually offers ten ways to enter via social media, Ms. Jenkins added. To enter for your chance to win, head over to our giveaway page.

Celebrating the growing adoption of freelance services worldwide, the AnyTask™ Platform has worked with Nigerian artist Ayomee to create two wonderfully unique NFT designs that you can get your hands on, said Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott.

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Ayomee has now worked with the AnyTask™ Platform on several NFT projects, Mr. Marriott said. These latest NFTs represent a young, thriving community of global freelancers who challenge the status quo and use platforms like to explore new ways of earning a living, he added.

And speaking of AnyTask™ Platform…

Data Analyst Manager Ellen MacPherson has been extremely busy collecting crucial information to help the ETN-Network and teams understand consumer behaviour and a series of other essential details.

For example, Ms.MacPherson has collected a wealth of data so the team can analyse repeat Buyers to identify what Tasks they are purchasing. Also, to understand what industries they are involved in so that the Marketing team can target them directly.

“So, we are looking at the industries where the repeat Buyers are work and their geographic location. That will be of great help to understand the audience to create future marketing material that will appeal to them,” Cathy said.

The head of marketing also said that the social media team, led by Stef Murphy, is testing a new “Did you know” social media content campaign.

More tech improvements

Product Manager Jordan Lowe said she is delighted to report that improvements to all the ETN-Network and products and services are ongoing and will continue to be.

Ms. Lowe added that the tech team had made some vital technical changes to the websites to improve access for Google to crawl and find them.

She explained that her team’s next step is working with Marketing and external parties to create more qualitative content for the websites. That, she said, is expected to encourage Google to rank both websites much higher and increase organic website traffic.

More news from the Support team

Support Manager Sam Warren said his team is working through the support ticket queue, and that will soon reduce the average review process from the current ten working days.

He also said he is delighted to inform that after a difficult period during which his team had thousands of documents to review, they have reduced that to under 500, half of which they are waiting for the users to respond.

Sam Warren also said his entire support staff is undergoing Zendesk training to ensure Support has a fully multi-functional team.

CoinEx lists ETN

As Coin Rivet recently reported, cryptocurrency Exchange CoinEx on 16 June announced the listing of Electronuem Ltd’s native token, ETN, with ETN/USDT and ETN/BTC trading pairs.

“To provide our users with more trading options, and after rigorous reviews, CoinEx has decided to list ETN,” CoinEx said in a statement. “CoinEx will also support deposit and withdrawal as well as Automated Market Making.”

The listing could potentially bring in thousands of new crypto enthusiasts into the CoinEx ecosystem. Inversely, for the crypto exchange, the move unlocks the potential of servicing the ETN-Network’s 4.3 million registered users and its nearly 3 million ETN App users, CoinEx told Coin Rivet.

Founded in December 2017 in Hong Kong, the UK-FCA-registered crypto exchange prides itself on its platform’s high speed, low cost, user-friendly interface, and increased security.

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