Live Updates: Electroneum Aurelius Blockchain Fork

6 min readMar 5, 2024

The Aurelius update introduces an innovative IBFT consensus protocol, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, lightning-fast 5-second transactions with instant finality, and exceptionally low smart contract execution fees. Stay tuned right here for play-by-play coverage of this exciting development!

Apr 23, 2024–02:29pm GMT

Since launching the new Electroneum smart contract blockchain in March 2024 we’ve already seen over half a million users’ wallets migrate across the bridge from the old blockchain. These users now have access to 5-second finality and all the other amazing features of Electroneum.

Mar 21, 2024–01:35pm GMT

And with that… a full house of ticks!

Mar 19, 2024–12:02pm GMT

There was a plan to release a new update by Richard Ells today, but the video contains many references to new exchanges and new third party wallet compatibility that we have been unable to get a firm legal opinion on releasing in time. This is important to ensure compliance with all legal & regulatory constraints & guidelines. The video has been replaced with a simple, factual update:

  1. Two new exchanges are listing ETN, one of which is a top 10 ranking exchange
  2. Many more exchanges will be considering adding ETN over the coming weeks
  3. Metamask (the third party smart contract compatible wallet) is now operational, simply visit or and click CONNECT to use the ETN Network
  4. A public node has been released at this will enable you to connect many other third party smart contract compatible wallets.
  5. Other third party wallets tested and working include Coinbase mobile wallet (Need to add ETN as a custom network), ONEKEY & TORUS (again need to add a custom network and enter the public node address of and you might need the block explorer
  6. LEDGER — It is possible to use LEDGER right now via METAMASK but the code has been written and submitted to Ledger as an application to allow Electroneum to be easily selected by relatively novice users. We will keep you posted on their response.
  7. Universities — Talks continue with a number of universities who run smart contract courses for them to become validators, we will post updates to that progress

Please remember to be extremely careful when utilising third party wallets and applications. Be mindful of scams and be careful of any private keys or seed phrases you create with third party software. Remember if someone gains access to your private key(s) or your seed phrase(s) you can (and probably will) lose your ETN or other cryptocurrency.

Mar 18, 2024–03:26pm GMT

CEO Richard Ells update postponed until 12pm UTC March 19th……Reason is more updates are coming in and we want to include all in one video…’s worth the wait!!!!

Mar 17, 2024–11:08am GMT

New update from CEO Richard Ells Monday 18th March at 5pm UTC

Mar 15, 2024–04:00pm GMT

21,000 vendors have crossed the line into Aurelius smart blockchain territory! Stay tuned for more updates.

Mar 13, 2024–06:22pm GMT

New update from CEO Richard Ells coming soon…Also please follow us if you don’t already to get notifications.

Mar 12, 2024–04:01pm GMT

BIG MILESTONE REACHED! 81,407 users have been migrated across to the new Project Aurelius smart blockchain. Stay tuned for more updates.

Mar 12, 2024–02:10pm GMT

After the hugely successful launch of the Project Aurelius smart blockchain please bear with the ETN-Network support team who are working tirelessly to respond and review all of your tickets and uploaded documents. They will get back to you. Please note that the team will only contact you through your tickets or the Resolution Centre in the ETN App. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Mar 12, 2024–04:01pm GMT

The first milestone has been hit! Over 100,000 ETN Wallets (109,720 to be exact) have now been migrated over to the updated Electroneum blockchain.

Mar 12, 2024–09:00am GMT

And with that, there’s one more box to tick on the checklist! Thank you so much for all of your patience during this time.

Mar 11, 2024–05:00pm GMT

The ETN App and my.electroneum are back up. Thank you for your patience.

Mar 11, 2024–12:10pm GMT

ETN-Network CEO Richard Ells gives an update post-blockchain fork to the Aurelius blockchain.

Mar 11, 2024–10:31am GMT

Getting there with the checklist! Not many to go now!

Mar 9, 2024–04:04pm GMT

Project Aurelius — thank you all for your patience — keep your eyes on social media platforms for updates — also don’t forget Monday 11th March 12pm UTC CEO Richard Ells new video.

Mar 8, 2024–06:39pm GMT

A new update video from Richard Ells coming Monday 11th March 12pm UTC….stay tuned.

Mar 8, 2024–03:30pm GMT

With development testing done, production testing and QA testing are in progress. The terms and conditions have been updated and the freelancers are being migrated over to the Aurelius blockchain. More updates soon!

Mar 7, 2024–09:56am GMT

Even though maintenance is still taking place, we’re happy to announce that the Oracle and bridge to the smartchain have been completed. Stay tuned for more updates!

Mar 6, 2024–11:20pm GMT

ETN oracle and smart contract bridge is live, ETN is migrating over the bridge successfully. wallet users will start being automatically migrated tomorrow. Exchanges and command line users can install v5.0.0.3 from here and migrate immediately and begin using the new features of the ETN Smart Contract Blockchain. Full documentation here.

Mar 6, 2024–09:07am GMT

The Aurelius blockchain update is underway!

Mar 5, 2024–12:01am GMT

The ETN-Network is now in maintenance. The ETN App, ETN Online Wallet and my.electroneum will be down during this period. Thank you for your continued support.

Mar 4, 2024–3:31pm GMT

The smart contract (Aurelius) chain has started, ready for the fork of the legacy chain. Anyone visiting the block explorer will notice that it’s down at the moment. The block explorer will be maintained on to enable people to see their ETN migrated across the bridge after the fork. The new smart contract (Aurelius) block explorer will go live soon on where you will be able to see ETN transactions, tokens, NFTs and smart contract operations. Messages will be here keeping everyone updated as the fork takes place.

Mar 4, 2024–12:55pm GMT

Electroneum Founder and CEO, Richard Ells, provides a pre-fork progress update and a reminder of what’s to come!




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