Spotify vouchers are now available to purchase via the ETN App

4 min readDec 19, 2022


Spotify has become the latest brand in a fantastic line-up of vouchers available to purchase via the ETN App. Other brands include Amazon, Apple, PlayStation, and XBOX, in addition to household utilities, and mobile airtime and data top-ups.

The year is 1994. CDs have just tipped cassettes in becoming the music format of choice, and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas has yet to reach the number one spot in the US Billboard charts. In fact, it didn’t reach the number one spot until 2019 … some 25 years later!! Indeed, a lot has changed over the years for the music industry.

Interesting fact #1: Mariah wrote ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ in just 15 minutes, and yet in 2017, the song was reported to have earned the singer $60 million in royalties.

Since the introduction of vinyl records in the 1940s, the music industry has experienced major shifts in the way people consume their music. Whether it be the transition from analogue to digital formats or the continual shifting of music preferences and tastes, the industry is no stranger to change. However, no one could have ever imagined the seismic shift that was about to take place in the early 2000s.

The dotcom boom changed the world forever. E-commerce took retail online, email changed the way people communicate, and websites enabled the delivery of global news in an instant. Meanwhile, piracy (not the sea kind) was rapidly taking over. Napster at its peak enabled more than 60 million users to download and consume music illegally, before being forced to shut down its illegal operations in 2001. However, this act of downloading and consuming music changed the music world forever.

Popularised by Spotify in the late 2000s, music streaming provided the latest evolution in music consumption. It provided a more convenient, low-cost means of consuming music legally without having to purchase individual songs or albums. For a low monthly subscription fee, Spotify users were able to access a huge catalogue of music without limitations. They even offered free access to their music catalogue — the only caveat at the time being that you would have to listen to advertising in between songs.

Despite operating in a highly competitive marketplace alongside tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, and YouTube, Spotify stands today as the most popular music streaming service in the world, offering a music catalogue of 50 million songs to more than 350 million users and 150 million paying subscribers.

Interesting fact #2: Streaming accounts for 83% of music consumed today in the UK

Despite maintaining a leading position in the marketplace, 70% of Spotify’s paid user base comes from Europe and North America. Emerging markets, therefore, potentially offer a tremendous opportunity for growth. The addition of Spotify vouchers via the ETN App is one possible route for people in emerging markets to pay for Spotify Premium services, particularly if they’re earning ETN on is a freelance marketplace that allows people to sell digital services online without the need for a bank account. Payment is received inside their digital wallet (ETN App), which can subsequently be spent on everyday essentials from mobile airtime and data, household utilities, and vouchers for popular retail outlets, including Amazon, Apple, PlayStation, and XBOX.

As of today, Spotify vouchers can be purchased through the ETN App for a select number of regions, including Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. The aim is to introduce new regions as they become available, in addition to a range of other vouchers. Keep an eye on our social media channels for more updates:

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