Support to double its team’s size as Electroneum and AnyTask user base continues to grow

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New user sign-ups and Electroneum App downloads continue to be high. To deal with the significant increase in new registrations, the UK-based startup will double the support team’s size.

There is a growing number of new Electroneum and AnyTask users,” said the Head of Operations, Nick Cook. “To deal with the growing demand, we are doubling the number of support staff members we have.”

Mr. Cook also said that “We’re still working on improving the user journeys for sellers signing up to We are also adding one person to the UI/UX team in the next few weeks.”

The award-winning startup’s head of operations added that “We have several other people at the interview stage for the roles that we have advertised.”

Human Resources Manager Mike Jennings also has an update. “We are welcoming a new mobile developer to the team in the coming weeks, and we are in the process of offering two more technical candidates a position within the Tech Team. We are still hiring for PHP developers and have several new roles coming live as well.”

An update from the Tech team

Electroneum’s Head of Tech Development Barry Last has successfully passed his Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect — Professional. Barry Last’s upskilling is a result of Electroneum’s educational and training schemes available to all its staff.

“The successful completion of this certification means I have now passed both of the pro versions in the last 12 months,” said Barry. His first certificate can be seen here.

Amazon explains: “Earners of this certification have an extensive understanding of designing technical strategies to accomplish specific business goals. They demonstrated the ability to balance best practices and trade-offs based on business context. Badge owners can design solutions across multiple platforms and providers.”

Product Assistant Becky Corbel confirmed the release of a bug fix this week. “This was a fix for the people who were seeing multiple incoming transactions with the same transaction hash. That’s now been fixed.”

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Anytask Tech Dev update

Project Manager Jordan Lowe reported that the AnyTask Dev team is working on a microproject to enable users to view the site in 43 currencies worldwide, but for guidance purposes only. ​

“We’re showing the same currencies as the Electroneum App to help create a more cohesive experience across the brands,” she said.

Jordan Lowe also explained a few other AnyTask changes, such as enabling buyers to leave reviews when their order is in dispute.

Buyers are currently unable to leave a review for an order unless they’re satisfied with what they receive, which prevents them being able to leave an honest and, where pertinent, a potentially negative review about their experience,” said Lowe. ​

“Because of this, the site has very few negative reviews, which doesn’t provide our buyers with a realistic view of our sellers,” she added, saying with the changes, buyers will have a better idea of the freelancer they choose. ​

Jordan also spoke of the addition of new AnyTask categories, among which the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) one stands out as it is a fast-growing asset class.

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“We are adding two parent categories: Gamers and the NFT, and a new subcategory under Designers, Graphic Designers,” Jordan said. ​

The weekly statistics

Another week, another 11,229 Electroneum App downloads bringing the total to just under 2,852,000. Over 8,070 people also registered as users on Electroneum. The total number of registered accounts is now 4,180,057. saw seven new merchants sign up to the directory. The total of outlets currently accepting ETN is now 2,118.

Electroneum in-app mobile top-ups saw a minor increase to over 1,400 in one week. The total today is 226,858, while the instant app transfers increased by 447 to 307,691. now has over 32,000 active tasks listed by 16,200 online freelancers. The number of registered users has also increased and now stands at 663,067.

A reminder from our Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott reminded online freelancers worldwide that AnyTask is seeking talented artists. “We’ve recently gotten involved in the non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles through a collaboration agreement with Blockchain Heroes.”

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Mr. Marriott explained there’s a massive spike in demand for digital collectibles. The NFT marketplace has grown to $340 million in 2020 and could increase to $1.3 billion this year, according to a report.

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Jonathan Marriott called on digital freelancers with drawing, painting, illustrating, and animating skills to sign up now as a seller on the freelance platform and list their NFT task. Freelancers with architecture, video, music, and 3D rendering skills should also list their NFT task taking advantage of this ground-floor opportunity, he added. If you are already an AnyTasker, then go to “Create a Task” and list yours now.

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