The top three countries for Electroneum app-to-app transfers are Brazil, Turkey, and Nigeria

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Very few cryptocurrency startups can boast real-world utility as extensively as Electroneum, which has introduced various ways for its 2.6 million app users to send, receive, earn and spend ETN, creating a real-world crypto ecosystem. Electroneum users had as of 17 June 2020, completed over 295,000 app-to-app transfers.

Collective ride services provider in Durban, South Africa accepting ETN as payment from a customer using the Electroneum mobile app.

Electroneum is a revolutionary mobile instant payment cryptocurrency that enables its users to send, receive, and transfer real value globally in seconds at a cost equivalent to a fraction of a US cent. That is one of the main reasons why their community is expanding so quickly, becoming a top 10 cryptocurrency by the number of users and the real-use crypto ecosystem it has created.

Over 1,870 online and brick-and-mortar businesses have registered onto the ETNeverywhere map and directory of merchants who accept ETN in almost 170 countries across 25 categories.

Shop attendant accepting ETN for purchase of everyday items using the Electroneum mobile app.
Currently, 1,870 businesses accept ETN as payment for products and services. Check out the full diretory at

The 280,568 app-to-app transactions totalling almost one billion ETN by Electroneum users is a clear demonstration that Electroneum has successfully achieved adoption and real use of its token.

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Users in Brazil once again top the list in this category with just over 115,000 transactions. Brazil tops the list of Electroneum app users with almost 310,000 as well as the mobile airtime and data top-up category with nearly 73,400.

Turkey is in second place with 23,566 app-to-app transfers. Nigeria follows in third place with more than 22,000 app-to-app transfers.

“These numbers are proof that Electroneum, unlike most other cryptocurrencies, is genuinely being used to transfer value amongst ETN users, whom are also using our token to top-up their phones and to pay for products and services with the 1,870 merchants that accept ETN,” said Electroneum CEO and Founder Richard Ells.

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India ranks fourth. Nearly 120,000 Electroneum users in that country have completed a total of over 13,000 app-to-app transactions. Users in the US and the UK follow with 11,320 and 7,833 transactions, respectively.

Indonesia ranks seventh with 7,460 ETN transactions between Electroneum app users. Romania ranks in eighth with 6,894; South Africa ninth with 6,236, and in tenth, the Philippines with 4,697.

The countries that rank between the eleventh and 30th all have between 1,053 and 3,500 app-to-app transactions, while countries between 31st and 90th positions have less than 1,050 transactions.

With more Electroneum app downloads taking place every day and an increasing number of app-to-app transactions, the award-winning startup continues to demonstrate it is a top 10 cryptocurrency by the number of users and the real use of its ETN token.

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