Where is Electroneum most popular?

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In November 2017, Electroneum launched a programme aimed at spurring adoption of its ETN token. Thirty months later, the campaign came to an end with great success with nearly 4 million registered accounts, and 2.6 million Electroneum app downloads in 190 countries.

“We analysed many different strategies to incentivise ETN adoption, and determined that an ETN Rewards system whereby Electroneum was to give away up to US$3 worth of ETN a month would help bring in millions of users to our project,” said Electroneum CEO Richard Ells.

As of 4 June 2020, Electroneum had nearly 4 million registered users, and almost 2.6 million Electroneum app downloads, said Mr. Ells. In a recent in-depth internal 16-page examination report, Cointelligence verified Electroneum’s numbers and stats.

“Electroneum has seen huge organic growth in Brazil,” he added. “We have just under 310,000 app users in the South American country, which is also our most successful one in terms of mobile airtime and data top-ups.”

“Turkey is Electroneum’s second-largest market with 206,430 total Electroneum app users,” noted the British startup’s lead Data Analysist Ellen MacPherson.

Electroneum has over 150,000 app users in the United States, followed by Nigeria with just under 108,000 app users. India comes in sixth place with almost 102,000, followed by China with over 97,000, and Indonesia with nearly 97,000,

The Philippines comes in ninth with 66,711 Electroneum app users, while Romania follows with almost 59,000. The UK is eleventh with 56,928 Electroneum app users, followed by South Africa with just over 55,000 and Russia, 48,754. Iran is 14th with 32,346 users, and Germany follows with 31, 677.

According to a Statista infographic, the number of blockchain wallets has gradually grown since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. It adds that at the end of Q1 2020, there were over 47 million blockchain wallet users.

Cryptocurrencies by number of active users

There is very scarce information regarding the total number of users by cryptocurrency. Most crypto news outlets rank the popularity of cryptocurrencies by their total market capitalisation and trading volume, not by real utility.

However, non-profit educational publication Coinmonks published an article in December 2018 revealing that Bitcoin had 17 million users, Bitcoin Gold 14.2 million, Bitcoin Cash 12 million, and Litecoin, 2 million.

Based on that information, award-winning Electroneum would have to be considered a top-four ​ by the number of registered users with 4 million and by ETN app users with nearly 2.6 million.

“I don’t know of any other cryptocurrency outside Bitcoin and Ethereum that has the level of real world use that ETN has,” said Richard Ells. “Thousands of people are topping up their phones with ETN. In May alone, over 40,000 airtime top-ups took place.”

In December 2018, Cointelegraph published an article saying Ethereum unique addresses had surpassed the 50 million mark, but that active wallets had continued dropping and stood at 330,000 at that time.

On 7 May 2020, Decrypt reported that the number of daily active Bitcoin addresses had climbed from 643,000 to 945,000.

Electroneum is one of the very few cryptocurrencies that are building a real-use ecosystem that includes a way to earn ETN, be it through the Electroneum-powered freelance platform AnyTask, or by accepting ETN mobile app payments for products and services.

According to the Electroneum-powered ETN Everywhere website, 1,799 online and brick-and-mortar businesses in 169 countries accept ETN, while Electroneum users in more than 140 countries can also top-up their phones via the Electroneum app.

Currently, about 19% of the global population have used cryptocurrency, and 14% more have expressed they will use it in the future, while according to the GoCrypto website, more than 11% of the world’s consumers want to pay with crypto, and that percentage is growing every day.

So, as people around the world are increasingly embracing cryptocurrency, Electroneum is on the path to becoming one of the most widely used in the industry.

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