Introduction to Emoshow by Kenny Scharf

3 min readDec 20, 2022

Here is our friendly introduction to Emoshow, a 1/1 Kenny Scharf S2E NFT art collection.

Art by Kenny Scharf. Image by ETNAH.

Kenny Scharf’s new digital work, Emoshow, proposes confronting our daily emotions, understanding ourselves, and communicating with others. It is also an S2E NFT in which collectors can create new images with different emotions from the original animation and share, send and sell this newly created image as an NFT to connect with others.

Experience the art closer in your daily life with Kenny Scharf and ETNAH, encountering the expansion of your daily emotion through Emoshow.

Introducing Emoshow by Kenny Scharf

Emoshow is a compound word of “Emotion” and “Show”. Through Emoshow, you will confront your daily emotions, understand and express yourself, and communicate with others. Hence, Kenny Scharf presents animated artworks with sound effects added, which derives from the artworks he expressed his feelings through (which he used to call “Face Value” or “Tondo”).

365 Emoshows will be created on the Ethereum blockchain network to represent 365 days of a year, for our emotions change day by day. Each Emoshow will be dropped as a unique artwork to represent the volatile and various emotions, first presented as a secret box in February 2023. Emotions are psychological, creative, and individual reactions to given situations. They are crucial for building a healthy self-identity and the social relationships stemming from it. When the artworks are revealed in February, the collectors will be able to recall the past when they felt the emotion represented by the work they hold and board on the adventure to look back on such emotion.

How does Emoshow work?

Emoshow holders can replicate the original Emoshow NFT (mp4 format) with different colors to share, send, or sell to others as a new variation NFT artwork (jpg). The newly created images will represent newly discovered emotions, indicating the difference in emotional nuances and interpretations which vary depending on external factors and contexts. In short, we can create unique NFT art by facing the emotions that the artist intended to express and naming them by our interpretations.

Each Emoshow will be able to create different numbers of image NFTs. Out of the original 365 animated NFTs, 18(5%) of them will be able to create up to 88 variation NFTs. 91(25%) will be able to create up to 12 variation NFTs, and 256(70%) will be able to create up to 3 variation NFTs. The collectors will decide when to create, and how many to create within the limited numbers. Collectors of the original Emoshow will be able to build their community as a mediator and communicate and share their emotions by sending and selling the image work as NFTs. 2% of the revenue from the secondary sales of the variation NFTs is shared with the Original Emoshow holders every quarter. (Such utility is applied only when the Original Emoshow holder minted and sold their variation NFT.)

Art by Kenny Scharf. Image by ETNAH. Technical Development by Hyer.

The serial process of understanding and expressing our emotions and exchanging them with others through art encompasses Kenny Scharf’s desire to reconsider the value of emotions together with more people and to make the world a better place.

When will be the drop date? When will we be able to mint the variation NFTs?

February 6, 2023

- Secret Box Minting

February 14, 2023

- Emoshow NFT(Animation) 365 reveal

- Color Variation NFT(Image) Creation (88 / 12 / 3)

What is the detail for the Emoshow drop?

Official Sale

February 6, 2023

Reveal Date

February 14, 2023


Total (1/1 NFT) 365

Team & Contributors 50

Mint Schedule

Feb. 6–7 Private Sale (up to 5 mints per wallet)

Feb. 8–10 Allowlist Sale (up to 3 mints per wallet)

Feb. 11- Public Sale


88 Variations 3.8ETH

12 Variations 1.2ETH

3 Variations 0.4 ETH

*Those who are on the Private Sale list will get 15% discount!

Further information on the drop is to be announced, so stay tuned on our channels:




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