The headline, ‘electronics firms in Europe get away with employment practices from China’ is highly…
Godfree Roberts

Thank you for your comment.

There seems to be trade-off between a sexy title and an accurate one, indeed.

I like your suggestion, but I think it paints a too rosy picture of the situation in China. There is a diversity of employment practices in China and it would be misleading to talk about the Chinese system (see our chapter by Smith and Zhu). However, what these practices have in common is that they are in the environment where there is no freedom of association and no right to strike. There is some experimentation with collective bargaining in the Guangdong region, but it is difficult to make it work without these basic rights. In any case, I agree that the point is what the regulations in the US and the EU allow electronics firms to do, rather than where the investors come from. That was also the focus of our book.