Working situation with the aides presented in the Kickstarter campaign

Kickstarter campaign revolutionizes Home Office

The arm- and mouse support allows pain free working with a notebook - whilst allowing for a comfortable live - providing a cup and glass holder.
The low budget Kickstarter campaign addresses potential clients to test the board. Reduction of repetitive strain injuries in the shoulder are guaranteed.

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The support is a hybrid between working and leisure, offering also the possibility to be used for deposing dishes and beverages safely. The basic idea is to offer a mouse support / shelf / tray / repository for ergonomic computer work at home. Thus the main aim of the project is to make contact with users having problems in their shoulder or neck, offering them a tested solution, reducing pain effectively at low cost. Also it allows couch computing at lower health risks for students at home.

The laptop cushion on he other hand helps achieving lower chip temperatures with no fan noise. This add-on is still in development, the Kickstarter campaign will deliver a unique new design.

The arm- and mouse support is a versatile tool for working and watching TV in your reclining chair. Finally yet importantly there are Thousands of other applications like care of elderly people as one example.

The income from the crowdfunding will be used for preparing a small production, incorporating user requirements. The products of the first series will be offered in the second round of the project.

All supporters will get the blueprint for the product, whether the funding goal will be achieved, or not. But you may also get prototypes for little money. Please support the low budget campaign.