BSBA — EM / 11394617

AESTHETICS DFS2 — Reflection to Jaime’s Song


Composed by: Jaime Morales


I was so amazed by the voice of my block mate Jaime. I was able to feel the love he has for music and I can say that he can be considered as an artist. However, I had a hard time understanding his words in his song because he only sent me the music itself without the soft copy of the lyrics, in a sense, i believe that i still captured the message of the song. I think what he’s trying to portray is that whatever trials or tribulations you are into, you will overcome it as long as you believe and have faith in God. Also he was able to mention in his song the camaraderie of each and every person especially the younger generation that no matter what happens, you will always have somebody to lean on.

For me, it is more of like delivering the story of happiness to the younger generation, especially nowadays. There are a lot of suicidal attempts happening around the world and i think this song helps us remind that we are not alone. As the saying goes “No man is an island”. You cannot do things all by yourself, also i think what he’s trying to tell the people who listens to his songs is that you should learn how to forgive, love, and show that you care for one another. I think Jaime has been through a lot even though i didn’t know him well and what he has been through in his life, I can see that he has a strong personality and i can see it based on his own composition of his songs he showed me.

Most of his song are kind of religious, but in this particular song, I think faith and trust has been a big factor. As i have stated earlier, I didn’t fully understand his diction while he was singing but I was able to get the message of the song when I asked him about it. He was able to explain to me that the song is about taking risks in life, somehow I was able to visualize and think of having a deep trust on your own understanding, your decisions in life and I think God will provide for the rest of your needs. I also learned that happiness starts with you before anything else.