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Part 2. Film Appreciation

You are to watch any film/films under any of the categories listed on your final project paper. Describe/summarize the plot of the film/films you have watched. What is the message being delivered to the viewers? How is the message delivered? Please critique the film on cinematography, screenplay, acting, direction, sound, production, editing, etc. (you can refer to film textbooks or online sources on how to read/critique a film; cite them properly). Attached the ticket of the film/s you have watched. (700 words)

In spite of all the efforts of trying to stop it, child marriage in rural Eastern Turkey is still practiced. Teenage girls who might not have even graduated high school are given to old bachelors maybe as old as their fathers. Upon further research, it shows that child marriage is always portrayed in Turkish indie films. In this part of Turkey women are always the victims.

At the beginning of the movie, we see the bride mourning over two graves. Apparently, the man served numerous years in prison and now he is free, back in the village and is obligated to marry a girl who is picked for him. Research shows that the Turkish director, Reis Celik is famous for his documentaries so the opening scenes in the movie show a wedding which somewhat gives you the vibe that the movie is a documentary. Actings skills were lacking in the cast used in the wedding that is why the dialogue sounds a little stilted. Most of the movie is really a high strung chamber film. The child bride knows exactly the process of what she is going to do. She gets to the venue in a white wedding gown and later leaves with only a funeral shroud. She is a juvenile, So helpless that she does anything to put off consummating their marriage in their nuptial chamber. The groom sees her helplessness and tries to do everything to convince her otherwise. The man, shows gentleness one that is not always seen in such a culture. The director wants the viewers to think from his window. He humanizes the groom. He is too victimized by the very culture, traditions and destiny he has to live in. He also shows helplessness similar to the bride. He does not follow the set of rule handed to him. He does not defy his destiny that was cut out to him several years ago.

In one of the most interesting scenes in the movie he suddenly loses it and calls himself a clown. He then bursts with anger over what has happened with his life and with his mother. The actor a slow pace that is why it gives an affectedly pensive feeling. This may explain why the movie is capturing to viewers since it does not offer a harsh commentary but it gives very raw insights into the social condition where men are said to be the victimizers and women the victims.

Therefore i see that women are not just the victims. It may seem that way but actually men are also the victims of this cultural phenomenon in eastern turkey because of the strict or stern tradition and customs they’re moving into. I can see that it is more of like an informal system when it comes to their marriage arrangement. This has been practiced by them for years and it is not good because upon further research I was also able to know that there has been many murders happened because of this informal marriage system in Rural Eastern Turkey.

The movie ended leaving the viewers to wonder whether the groom killed the bride, killed himself, or performed double suicide. I even heard people who watched “The Night of Silence” talking about it inside the bathroom wondering if the groom killed the bride because we only heard the gun shot once. Some people were also debating that the groom committed suicide.

After watching the movie i saw that it was very unique in a way that it showed the life of the man and the child in a very private manner, they were the only main characters. I believe this was to show what their relationship and how they treat each other would be like when there is no one around to watch. This movie was very unique since it showed the situation in both the shoes of the groom and the bride.

I was also able to realize after watching the film that there is no freedom to do their own actions as part of their culture but instead their actions are bounded to the traditions and they are left out to have limited actions. The cinematography of the movie was boring since they only used dim lightings all throughout the movie except one scene where the groom was dreaming about his father wherein the lighting was very bright and appealing to the eyes of the viewers. The screenplay was mostly static and the camera was motionless as the scene is mostly focused on the ceremonial chambers. I think that it was intended that way as the director wanted to give significance on what is really happening in the real world of stern customs and traditions in Eastern Turkey that is why people their do things that are against their will. What i liked about the whole production in this movie is the acting of the groom and the bride. I believe that they have performed in other films already as it can obviously seen that they are sincere while delivering their dialogues and it is full of emotion while they were acting.

Overall the movie was good but i cannot say that it was phenomenal yet I enjoyed the whole experience in the movie theatre. I am looking forward to watch more independent films next time to enhance more of my understanding and I believe by watching such films you are able to exercise your brain by thinking on critical situations/events.