*This is a repost of a guest article we first published in Dataconomy. The original post is available here and was written by Pedro Parraguez, who is part of the EURITO team.

The cart before the horse? What are we talking about:

You have the perfect scenario in front of you. You or your team just learnt about an exciting way to analyse data, found a new data-source that looks very promising, or were impressed by a new data visualisation tool. Understandably, you feel like you should put together a data-science project and show your organisation how you are exploring the frontiers of what is possible. Not only that but…

The goal of the EURITO project is to develop Relevant, Inclusive, Trusted and Open (RITO) indicators for research and innovation (R&I) policy. We are currently collecting ideas for the exploratory pilots we will be carrying out over the next six months, and have built a framework around which to structure our search for — and assessment of — data.

To make the most of this opportunity, we need your help… After reading the blog, we invite you to participate in our experimental wiki survey of R&I policy questions. The survey aims to capture new pilot ideas as well as to…

EURITO is a new Horizon 2020 project where we are working with researchers in DTU (Denmark), Cotec (Spain) and Fraunhofer FOKUS (Germany) to transform Research and Innovation (R&I) policy with new data. This post dramatises the rationale for the project and its scoping phase into a fictional story involving a senior R&I policy maker and a Policy Analyst in an unspecified European country.


Mary watched as the television screen flickered with images of demonstrations over rising inequality — images that had become far too familiar in recent years — and closed her eyes to think about how they’d arrived there…


We aim to place new research and innovation analytics at the centre of the policymaking process. A H2020 project, www.eurito.eu

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