I just finished reading ‘Project Fear’, Joe Pike’s account of the Scottish Independence Referendum campaign and its immediate aftermath. It’s a pacey and entertaining read, described in the blurb as ‘Scotland’s Thick of It’, and indeed most of the players measure up to Armando Iannucci’s benchmark for modern political conduct.

The story focuses mainly on the ‘No’ campaign, which went through three distinct phases. In the early days complacency reigned, but as it became apparent that the result wasn’t a foregone conclusion, ‘Project Fear’ was launched to sow doubt in the minds of the critical undecided portion of the electorate…

Scotland and the EU…a question

A question for my compatriots on St Andrew’s Day: why is it that we Scots are so keen to remain in the EU? Recent polls have 65% of people in Scotland for REMAIN, 22% for LEAVE and 13% undecided, whereas in the Rest of the UK, the margin is much tighter and even favours LEAVE. The way it’s shaping means that how Scotland votes will be critical.

Help me out here. If you were a YES voter in the Independence Referendum, how do you square the desire for self-determination with EU Membership? If YES had…

Science and the EU: time for some evidence?

The latest special interest group to come to the fore of the Stay campaign of late has been Scientists for EU(@Scientists4EU), bearing the usual warnings of disaster if the UK ceases to be a member of the EU. Two related articles in the Guardian this week set out an apocalyptic vision for UK academic research in the aftermath of a ‘Leave’ vote.

The first article contains dire warnings based on an account of the Swiss experience in the aftermath of the February 2014 referendum to restrict free movement. ‘Whatever you do, don’t…

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