On World Environment Day, EU auditors show environmental awareness by supporting bees

On World Environment Day, 5 June, the Luxembourg-based European Court of Auditors (ECA) began a foray into beekeeping by equipping its Kirchberg buildings with urban beehives. This initiative follows an example already set by a number of public- and private-sector organisations, including the French Court of Auditors and the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg.

Today, the ECA received four queen bees from the Republic of Slovenia, a country with a long tradition of beekeeping. The bees will create colonies of thousands of honey-bees. They were received at an official ceremony attended by Jean-Paul Beck, the President of the Luxembourg Beekeepers’ Association, and several other guests, including Roland Streber, Slovenia’s honorary consul in Luxembourg, Luxembourg former MEP and pollinator advocate Astrid Lulling, and Patrick Gillen, President of the Fonds Kirchberg.

Receiving the bees from the Slovenian ECA Member Samo Jereb, Luxembourg ECA Member Henri Grethen said:

The idea is also to give the project a European dimension by exchanging our bees with bees from other Member States, and breeding them here with the help of local beekeeping experts.”

Pollinators are threatened and their numbers are decreasing, despite their importance for agriculture and food production.

The ECA, which is the EU’s independent audit institution, was quick to adopt the environmental audit management standards (EMAS) and continues to actively contribute to improving the environment. The auditors have recently published a number of audit reports in the area of environmental protection and preservation. They are currently examining biodiversity in farming and are also planning audit work on EU measures concerning pollinators and the use of pesticides.

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